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China’s social credit system was first announced in 2014 and has since bred speculation that it will lead to an Orwellian nightmare – a real-life Black Mirror. Media reports claimed that all Chinese citizens would be given a numerical ranking by 2020. But is this true?

China wants to rate its people and businesses based on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ behaviour. Under the scheme, citizens gain points for donating blood, helping the elderly, and athletic achievements. Those who litter, buy too much alcohol, and play computer games will lose credit. Garnering points will give you advantages, such as deposit-free services. Low scores can prevent you from using high-speed trains or getting a bank loan. The programme’s stated goal is to build trust in Chinese society.

China’s social credit system has been compared to Big Brother and other dystopian visions. Though China’s omnipresent social credit system isn’t in place just yet, pilot versions already exist in some cities, regions, and business ecosystems, such as Alibaba. In our new episode of InfoBites, we’ll take a closer look at this controversial initiative and find out to what extent it’s already been implemented in China. We ask experts what all the fuss is about and whether the social scoring system has the potential to lead to a digital dictatorship.

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  1. so by calling on your neigbours for playing loud music you get points, than your not really a nice neighbour if you do that your a snitch where I come from

  2. I guess they won't put government leaders, politicians and Civil service people on this vile scheme. They'd most likely dive to zero the day they're given their thousand credits. China makes the Third Reich look like Disney.

  3. Chinese consider law is the bottom of morale standard. If a person only discipline himself to the point not breaking the laws, it is a society full of selfish people and not a enjoyable place to live. Western always criticize China lack of freedom but failed to realize freedom is come with responsibility. And the definition of freedom is very different from country to country. E.g, Americans may enjoy freedom of carrying firearms, but that's the freedom most of Chinese don't want. Americans don't have freedom to drink in the public, but Chinese can enjoy the freedom of drinking on the street anytime. Needs are different, so don't measure others with your own standard, east and west has huge cultural differences. China never call for other countries to lift drinking restrictions, so please leave China alone.

  4. 学习习近平语录 ,会得到积分 ,可以去超市兑换鸡蛋 。
    Learn Xi Jinping’s quotations, you will get points and you can go to the supermarket to exchange for eggs.

  5. 如果你的积分低于60 ,你将无法购买火车票,机票 。你将无法就医 ,护照会作废 。
    If your points are less than 60, you will not be able to buy train tickets or air tickets. You will not be able to seek medical treatment and your passport will be invalidated.

  6. CCP is the biggest liar on earth. Having without the slightest creditability, CCP put everyone under her surveillance. It is the so-called socialism in Communist China. Zhengzhou tragic reveals the malicious official administration. Chinese Olympic athletes behave badly. Wolf-warriors diplomacy irrigated the whole world. No one will eager to make friend with someone like that !

  7. this credit system is bullshit. they are forcing people to go underground. this thing will end up in a dangerous development of deep web kind of systems and all kinds of underground illegality. credit system encourages hypocrisy as much as instagram influence on people.

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  9. Watch Paul Joseph Watsons video, Chinas terrifying social credit system. They are protesting in HK but in China they can't. Its nailed down.