Kellogg’s Workers Strike During Record-Breaking Profits

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  1. The Rockefeller family made it unpopular to kill strikers outright as was done on behalf of Capital in Ludlow.
    Capital is just as much a threat to the worker today. The malice of Capital with regard to the worker has not changed. The methods have changed. The big boss man is the same.

  2. That's right I own my truck and the rates shipping companies pay are starvation rates, if my truck brakes down it will cost thousands of dollars to fix it, money that I don't have. Trucker are not happy, we will strike next, then the thing will get really serious!

  3. Whenever I posted a comment on your Vax related videos, they got deleted within a few minutes, 4 times now in the last few days. I suspect that You Tube has censored me. This does not happen when posting comments on other Channels.

  4. We in Europe don't understand the very poor annual leave you have. We have a minimum of 4 weeks most have 5 weeks and between 8 to 10 public holidays a year also automatic health insurance, yes we have higher taxes but don't have to worry about being made bankrupt because of medical bills.

  5. Labor leaders are often "Controlled Opposition " who are bought off by management to minimize wage increases and then these union leaders go back to the members they represent and tell them this 1% raise a yr is a good deal. In the Postal Service the Union has gone along with a no strike clause so employees won't walk off the job.

  6. haven't heard a thing about strikes on regular news…
    Just like the turn of the century labor movements…. it's time again. You can rely on human greed to grow if you let it.

  7. 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 2 days off.
    How long does this last for?
    Until you're dead!!!!

  8. Jimmy you should talk about the RRs getting ready to strike over PSR, Precision Scheduling Railroad, because they are forcing engineers to work conductor jobs which violates their contract to take a demotion to work another craft because they decided to cut jobs left and right to save money then also get covid relief money. What they didn’t anticipate is workers that were furloughed not coming back and now there is numerous people quitting left and right so there is a worker shortage for the RR. Labor Unions have Lawsuits filed against the carriers. Now they’ve came out and mandated vaccines by the end of the year which violates their labor laws since it’s a change in “workplace conditions” and they are in the middle of contract negotiations so shit is about to hit the fan on the RR…

  9. I know a few women younger than I, in their late 40 's who got laid off during lockdown. One of them recently told me that at her present job she learned that many businesses got STIMMY money but had to promise to TRY to hire people back or hire new
    Workers when the lock downs ended. Well so now THEY ARENT HIRING even tho they say they are..and keeping that STIMMY money
    Also, as a new hire many businesses want you VAXXED before they will hire you..
    Nick is right there is no worker shortage. Expect the unvaxxed to take on more of the blame n

  10. I've been looking for work for two months after my employer suddenly went out of business. Plenty of help wanted ads out there, but no offers and sometimes not even an interview for positions I'm well-qualified for. Some places have over 100 applicants for one opening. A couple of times I've been told they offered the job to another candidate, only to see a new ad for the same exact opening a week or two later. So, either, these are really sh**ty jobs to work at and stay there, or they aren't really hiring anyone at all!

  11. i like this nick cruze guy! i think he is on to something here. there is definitely more to the story about this supposed worker shortage. it might just be one of the outright lies they came up with to try to paint a picture to explain why everything just continues to fall apart. of course "you guys just arent being good enough slaves" is one of the excuses they would come up with. shameless mfers

  12. When the lock downs ended everybody would go back to work ???? Really??? You didn't really expect you could force all kinds of business out of business and now you magically think those jobs would just instantly re-appear did you? Wow you should be happy those evil capitalist's have been driven out of business. Now go put on your masks and hide under your beds with your government welfare check in your pockets you progressive socialist morons.

  13. How can anything be "Laissez Faire Capitalism" when everything is regulated and controlled by the government to keep those in power in power. Freedom is not the problem, it is the solution.

  14. Thank you Nick & Jimmy. It’s not the labor shortage rather they aren’t paying their labor the correct wage they deserve!
    Just like sometimes u say there is oil shortage and the price are spiking, rather the damn sellers transacted so much barrels that they can’t find the barrels to buy. Hence making their loss increase (they buy the barrels more expensive due to rising prices, rather then the transacted amount).
    It’s like they naked short selling the labor market!

  15. If Kellogg's is having a labor shortage, it's because the compensation package is NOT competitive. Reducing that compensation will kill that company. It's basic supply and demand capitalist theory. DUH!

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