Ketanji Brown Jackson Was The Judge In The Pizzagate Shooting



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  1. To be honest:
    Dude storming comet pizza, shooting around and all ..
    first: nobody knows what went down.
    Let us assume the worst: He was a crazy conspiracy nutcase who was freaking out.

    Now: THIS pro kid…diddler… got the case. That got a whole new level, considering all the stuff we don't know about what happened there but yeah
    let us put the pro honorable kid diddling judge on the case… REALLY????!!!!!! WTF

  2. Wait a minute, wait a damn minute…. we were told by the "LEFT" that pizzagate is only a conspiracy. We "HAVE" to believe the honest, honorable leftist and Demonrats! People get your minds straight!!!!

  3. Speaking of…Your FBI file must be in the terabytes by now! lol Some poor agent is assigned to catalog all your content, and you are basically the entire life of this poor shmuck. I bet they rotate new recruits in on project "SaltyCracker", because nobody wants the job for more than a few weeks.

  4. The Let's next big civil rights push (translation: the next group of dangerous criminals the Left will unleash upon society) will be themselves, the child predators.

    If you thought there's no way they would stoop so low as to normalize child molestation, you haven't been paying attention.

    Minor Attracted Person. Get ready to add some more letters to that string of nonsense that constitutes a community made up of groups that do not get along with each other but get lumped together because the Left loves dehumanizing individuals to fit them into categories.

  5. my only question is how the hell is this a federal crime? or is anything that happens in D.C. considered a federal crime. I do know that those kids that killed a guy in a carjacking incident there, were not charged federally.

  6. Q was a larp put out at exactly the right time to be tied to pizzagate. Sure there were dead ends in the investigation but the investigation was legitimate with legitimate suspects doing legitimately suspicious things. Then q came out, was tied to pizzagate, and then pizzagate died.

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