Kevin Clinesmith & the $10,000 Setup | Punching Back Ep. 3



  1. Have there been complaints about Kevin Clinesmith to the Bar Association (ABA and FBA)? He should have his license to practice revoked.

  2. I love these podcasts, they are super informative and so interesting. The truth is really stranger than fiction in your life! Just want to thank you again for coming forward with your story. ????

  3. Great podcast sir….. thank god you kept figuring out something wasn't kosher… these people who orchestrated this need to hang… this is treason…… for them to plant evidence and try to set you up to take down the President.. is treason…. you know it, i know it..
    If people aren't punished using extreme prejudice it will happen again..

  4. Even though I subscribed after the very first podcast, I just finally got a notification after the 7th episode. Now I am watching a George P. marathon and it's getting more interesting with each podcast. Every American has to hear this information. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of this BS.

  5. This is shocking. I already knew the basic story, but the details will horrify you. No one is safe in this country until these criminals in the FBI, DOJ and Mueller's team, are prosecuted.

  6. Thanks for the info. Today, Clinesmith plea will hopefully clear you completely. I never fully understood your involvement. I guess since you were sensored so that's why. I hope you were not anyway trying to list him. If you did it will come out. We will see.