Kevin is homeless. His mother kicked him out when he was 15 years-old

Kevin is a homeless youth living in a Chicago youth shelter. Kevin’s mother kicked him out when he was 15 years-old, and he spent the next few years couch surfing. At 17, Kevin went and moved in with his dad, where he says they both put a lot of their feelings in a bottle. When that relationship exploded, Kevin found himself back out in the streets.

Kevin shares a candid story of sleeping outside and the realities of being a homeless youth.

When I asked Kevin what his future was like, he responded that he had been in so many places the last 3 years – that he didn’t know, but at 18 Kevin is a young man with a world of experience. You only have to listen to him for a short time to know he’s on a good path now, and if he stays the course, Kevin will do just fine.

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Invisible People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way we think about people experiencing homelessness.

Written by Invisible People


  1. I believe in karma. My brother kicked me out and my dad kicked me out. I’ve stayed at a couple of friends houses then sleep outdoors. Now my dad and my brother they’re both homeless and pay rent and I have a home fully paid! Karma’s a bitch! Hang in there buddy!

  2. Getting kicked out was probably better for him. All he was doing was drugs and being a burden on his mother who was already struggling to get by. Better that he gets this wake-up call early, cuz his life was already in the gutters regardless.

  3. It seems that some people didn't watch the video through and through.

    He said he wishes his own families safety. He was being disobedient, drugs, sneaking out of his house. To those whom think he was unjustly treated by his mother your right, but most likely not for the right reasons.

    His mother could have tried to stop his actions, but I believe in the video he stated he had siblings, and she didn't think correctly, so he is where he is. If he didn't that doesn't make his actions any less unreasonable.

    He acknowledged what he did was wrong for what he did. Why can't you as well?

    His mother brought him to the world to share moments, and teach him. Not support him in his wrong and illegal decisions.

    Again, do not mistake my argument for a defence for his mother. She was wrong, but think of what you would do when you have such little influence over your life and you are trying to manage another person's as well.

    She made a selfish decision, you are following her example by judging her from your perspective only.

  4. His mom must be a child abuser HIS MOM IS AN IDIOT!!!?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Ugh, I hate the fact the majority of us are probably watching this video in bed taking our lives for granted while their are people suffering in the streets… I hope things work out for this guy and all those in the same boat..❤️

  6. PLEASE HELP SLOANE THOMPSON whos 4 yrs old and being abused !AND FORCED TO BE WITH HER ABUSER Her VOICE MUST BE HEARD she says herself how daddy hurts her tummy and doesnt feed her !!! She needs our help!
    Pls dont wait until its too late to save her life she needs help HER VOICE NEEDS TO BE HEARD PLEASE LISTEN
    Dont ignore please help and sign this petition to bring her to safety #savesloan #bringsloanehome #saveourchildren

  7. Ah yes, let's have a child and kick him out when he's a teenager.

    Those 'parents' should be ashamed of themselves. I hope they watch this video and realise the monsters they are. You don't have a child to kick it out when it's still in school. You face the consequences of having one, and that's what being a parent is all about. It's about working hard, supporting your child, giving it the life it deserves. Kicking it out of your house is absolutely ridiculous. May those parents live a horrible life on

  8. Kevin God bless you n keep you safe n healthy.
    I have 2 Nephews that been homeless for years. I pray for them both everyday for god to protect them, give them both shelter food n water.

  9. The joke about the kidneys guess what that is not a joke,, I don't want to scare anybody out there but it actually happened,, they kidnapped a homeless person took out all of his organs and dumped his body in the river,, I have been hearing horror stories like that,, unfortunately thousands of homeless people are coming up missing and never to be seen again,,