Kevin Smith BRAGS At Comic Con As Fans TORCH Masters Of The Universe: Revelation In He-Man Reviews!

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  1. SMith is ignorant, this is not a show for He-man fans, this is a show for the woke mob and even they dont care and WILL NOT watch because they dont give a shit about He-man or any of the characters. All they saw was Teela and no He-man and they fawn over it. Gross and Smith should be ashamed how he has treated true He-Man lore lovers.

  2. Kevin Smith ruined his reputation with a niche audience, that was HIS niche audience, let's be honest, everybody else, doesn't even know who he is xD

  3. Kevin Smith has been abosbed by the Hollywood bubble. A steady intake of soy milk and hanging around woke Hollywood celebrities and executives will do that to you.

  4. Must be a biden voter lying to everyone then saying what it's all fine everything is going as planned if you see something wrong you must be the problem

  5. Instead of portraying Teela as an immature and selfish person, they could have just made it so that she was mourning Adam and didn’t want to admit to feeling betrayed and confused and angry. She simply just bottled it up. Then when she reunites with Adam in ”heaven”, she would break down in tears and let it all out. Then they’d talk it through. That way, Teela wouldn’t come out as a total b***h! She would at least have been somewhat likeable, even if they still decided to portray her as a super masculine and lesbian girl boss.

  6. Kevin smith was always an sjw. Why are people surprised? Go watch his movies again. They are 90s, woke larvae. Utter trash. The guys whole shtick was saying really dumb things while using a thesaurus to polish the verbal turds. Vapid, sophistry.

  7. If he really wanted to please fans it would have been a completely different show you don’t just off the lead character in episode one dude you need build up to something like that followed by the remaining characters struggling to stay alive and then bring the main back in epic fashion you want an example look at the original beast wars transformers

  8. To SJWs: Frodo and Sam = gay, Finn and Poe = gay, the boys from the Movie Luca = Gay. But if we dare to point the obvious and say Teela and Andra are a couple, it gets dismissed, inmediatly, no questions asked… The hipocrisy and double standards…

  9. Imagine if Kevin Smith did the same with She-Ra what he did with He-Man. He will be forced to go down on his knees and grovel. He will not be boasting what he did and will not insult the fans

  10. He is still under the impression that he can benefit and market off of all of this. I have a new list: Kathleen Kennedy, Michael Bay and Kevin Smith.

  11. A colab between the quartering and the critical drinker would be the bro down of the century…. make it happen? :*

  12. you are all giving easy marketing (even in bad way) to this crappy show. about the show forget whos lead the show itself was bad and lazy story and action sequences. cliched scenes

  13. 0:54 here is netflix in a nutshell. All of these attributes are very much intrinsically netflix. It's why I was not able to stomach Black mirror enough to finish it, even though if you look in the Facebook science fiction groups, everyone just gushes over it.
    Hollywood is just a wokeist cesspool, and netflix is one of the the most overt manifestations of that

  14. "fans" aka basement dwelling NEETS who never even watched the original show to begin with. Let's be real here folks this show is absolutely being brigaded by people following an agenda. Just scroll through the 1 star reviews. These are drones without a single unique thought in their mind.

    Not saying the show is good or bad but if you actually think the user reviews, as ripe with Neanderthals they are, are an indication of the quality of the show then you are truly lost

  15. 3:07 you can't blame it on audience mandela effect when there are still VHS copies and DVD copies of Masters of the Universe floating around. Which means it would be on The Pirate Bay as well. We know exactly what He-Man was and was not. We have literally a video record of it. It would be like trying to claim Mandela effect on Sean Connery's James Bond, as though you couldn't get blu-rays of it. Or the original Star wars without Jabba the Hutt, as though there weren't still VHS copies at the very least (I happen to have a 90+ tape VHS classic movie collection and a halfway decent working VCR).