Kevin Smith TURNED ON by the MEDIA! And it is HILARIOUS!


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  1. Honestly, after watching Captain Marvel I was a blubbering mess too.
    Words failed me back then and even now I can´t convey how angry and frustrated I was not only for the money that shit of a money ate but the time too.
    Worst Marvel Movie Ever.

  2. The convenient thing about being one of those, "I cried the whole time" morons is that no one can ever criticize their take on a movie. How they FEEL about something is always going to be subjective. They never have to argue about a movie's writing, or character development or technical problems because the quality of THAT stuff can be debated.

  3. "Silent Bob" used to be one of my favorite movie characters, in cinema, back in the 90's. I really kind of sort of wish that Kevin Smith's evolution in Hollywood more or less stopped there…

    Such a "Beta Male." I've lost all respect for this dude.

  4. smith IS a fraud, he took Estrogen supplements and an all Soy diet to lose weight, now he is more female than male since his Testosterone is alllllll gone. I expect the slightest emotional twitch in a movie sets him off like an emotional pregnant woman crying for 3 hours.

  5. Not really news to me. To me, this is just something Kevin Smith does. To try to make himself look like a victim, when people call out his sucky shows. Like Master of the Universe Revelation.🙄

  6. Over Captain Marvel? I want to know exactly what scene brought him to tears watching Captain Marvel? I mean I cried when I watched The Green Mile but I didnt even think there was any part of Captain Marvel was emotional enough to get teary eyed over it?
    I agree with you TUG that's just weird.

  7. its like a novice on stand up, they tell a joke that hits hard and everyone laugh so he gets a jolt out of it and uses the same joke every setting he goes to, formal, informal, doesn't matter and people get tired of it pretty quick.

  8. Love Umbrella Guy's accent, adds a lot of charm too the video. Second, had KS been honest with fans instead of lying and acting like a spoiled brat instead of a man his age, I would have had a glint of sympathy for him in my cold dead heart but naw. SOB gets what he deserves.

  9. Whats with Kevin Smith's eye in his crying selphy? It looks like it was photo shopped or the guy does have a medical issue that should be looked at . Or his burn from being caught as a liar makes his imperfections that much noticable .

  10. I think it is just for attention because whose first reaction to crying is to take a picture and post it as well as send it to co-workers. Once or twice ok I can see that but the amount of times and on things like a 3rd time watching wandavision and seeing how many times he's done it there's probably a picture of him crying after seeing it the first and second times too.

    Him having a emotional response to something despite experiencing it before there's nothing wrong about that but the need to post about it is.

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