Kids Vaccine Efficacy Requirement is GONE! | Peter Marks Drops the 50% rule | Regulatory Standards

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Why are they absolutely OBSESSED with injecting the kids with something that they DON'T even KNOW how it affects the body???? They need to keep their diabolical hands off the kids.

  2. Great point Australia is trying to push this too. We have idiots running the countries who are just pushing profits for companies. This is all about control , who will be held responsible in the future.
    Let’s just experiment on the human race and save the mice . You are spot on with your video . The future of the human race is screwed. !!!

  3. The vaccines have lost efficacy, so are they seriously just going to inject the kids to make more money??? This is PATHETIC.

  4. people should just get medical interventions. all of then, just for whatever. or nothing? just get em. get all of them. have an organ out. start…a drug? some drugs? you know. just have medical interventions. that's my view, were i regulator. as long as they are also expensive. & generate wealth for people who already have wealth. do people not agree w that? -JC

  5. Can we actually be surprised by anything the FDA does at this point. We knew going in it was the preeminent example of regulatory capture. Of course they have no scruples about paving the way for profit.

  6. Do any of these government agencies have an ounce of credibility anymore? They are just doing more damage to themselves and the population at large, assuming that is not what they were always doing.

  7. Big Pharma have completely corrupted the system and all the players, this global pandemic management is nothing less than criminal and evil, time for the military to step in and remove these puppets for the global cabal.

  8. You sound surprised…those crazy conspiracist predicted it. Project Veritas leaked video of fda/or cdc employee said they would too, that it was almost guaranteed to happen to kids

  9. Thanks for the honesty. I find this child abuse. Why do we even need to vax the kids. Health care has become so political I intend to drop my medicare coverage during the next enrollment period.

  10. You wonder what Peter Marks is thinking?!?! He is absolutely corrupted by the massive tyrannical powers of big Pharma and government… Plain and simple man.
    Then again, you can’t say that, can’t you?!
    How troublesome is that?

  11. And, their 95% efficacy is, 163/18000 infected unvaxxed vs 11/18000 infected vaxxed. So 37% efficacy meaning 100/999999 unvaxxed infected vs 63/999999 vaxxed infected… No death/severe cases data, just PCR positive data. Convenient. Now jab every freaking person on earth.

  12. They're not going to stop until they're vaccinating babies while still in the womb at this rate. Lord I wish I lived in Denmark right now. They are stopping this madness finally.

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