Kill Anything That Moves (FULL AUDIOBOOK)

The Real American War in Vietnam

Written by Karin Mathews


  1. If you haven't been there then you have no right to judge. Politics always tries to steer the narrative. This is a biased account. The other side could counter with many atrocities that they encountered. What do you think was is?

  2. Vietnam war was a bullshit lie that the American government cooked up to get us in the war for prophet. Just like the Iraq war, bullshit war to fatten the wallets of the banksters and government officials. Now the second civil war we will here in the homeland, will again fatten the wallets of the banksters and government officials. THE COMMUNIST STATES OF AMERICA.

  3. Using my lai as representative of 10-15 years of war is naive by someone who has no clue of the general execution of the war. He apparently thinks civilians don't get killed in Years of war.

  4. There is no argument that My Lai was likely the worst atrocity of the war on the American side. And even it probably wasn't any worse than the NVA activities when they took Hue in 1968. All of the leadership soldiers in the Americal division at My Lai should have gone to prison. But the very worst atrocity against the Vietnamese people was the 30 years war between 1945 and 1975 put upon them after Ho chi minh's Independence speech at the end of world war II. As a former Americal soldier SW of Danang,I still assure you My Lai was certainly not representative. And that from a soldier who considered Ho chi Minh to be the George Washington of Vietnam.

  5. I've met two people who were in the American Division.One was a participant in the action known as "The My Lai Massacre".It really bothered this guy that this was a regular thing."I enlisted because we were supposed to be the good guys".My Dad did the same thing for the IVth Infantry at Plieku.1966-67.

  6. Why do we swallow these generic and non-human, sock puppet channels
    whilst witnessing Yutube wipe out countless of our fellows efforts and
    faith with aplomb ? Get a backbone folks and move on, this platform is
    out of control with selfish power and therefore toxic!

  7. Look at the amount of money made during that time and you see the hand of the “military industrial complex “=the corporations both civilian and military with the help of the ex-corporate ceo leader Robert MacNamara and a man trying too hard to be loved and revered LBJ (a great civil rights leader trying to appease the corporations who favored right leaning [law and] order to control the masses) {profit over humanity}and you see greed and glory , the two headed monster rearing it’s ugly heads . 60k Americans 1/7 of the Vietnamese population how many Laotians, Cambodians(we were responsible for Pol Pots depravity also)allies Australian , Korean,Philippines

  8. Democrats started the war, and BEFORE the US pulled out the Democrats renigged on their promise to aid the South Vietnam government "Bullet for bullet". When the NVA realized the Americans were bailing and would not assist the South anymore they stormed Saigon and the rest is history. DEMOCRATS threw away everythign that the US soldiers had fought for!!

  9. During the attack…..when commanders report enemy KIA….they must report number of weapons captured… weapons = civilian murders. At My Lai, a U.S helo pilot …Hugh Thompson landed and told Lt Calley to stop shooting or his door gunner would fire on Calley's platoon. The massacre stopped that day.

  10. You murdering thugs will burn in the fires of hell for what you did .You are a disgrace to your uniform and you are a disgrace to your country This is why America is hated . To the boys who refused to take part I salute you .

  11. And then you say what the VC did to captured soldiers. Well you went they didn’t invite you . Machine guns rifles tanks planes against little children and mothers and fathers innocent farmers who got their stomachs and ribs kicked deep inside their frail little bodies and babies shot in mothers arms and kicked like footballs and worse but you thugs are worthless,you make me sick . As for Nixon and the other war mongers oh and Calley,I would throw you all into the VCs hands ,then you would see and feel what it’s like to have a full mag emptied into your heads .

  12. I Kno 2nd Lt William L Calley Jr 173 Airborne aka "sky soldiers" personally.. Lt Calley was a victim also.. Look into Capt Medina closely, Medina went to Spain, underwent sex change and went to PHX, Az where she became a "Coyote".. 2nd Lt Calley followed Capt Medinas orders.. Find her to persecute her, not Calley..

  13. My husband served 20yrs in the Australian military with 12yrs with the Australian SASR " Special Forces ". His comment is this, yes! What happened was soo wrong, but when you see such so many bad things the other side did make the fighting man do the same things. NOT ONCE did l hear you say the terrible things the VC did ?