Killed By A… What? Oh… Here We Go!

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  1. Critical thinkers and those with an alternative view of this globalist led narrative will soon be branded as urban terrorists and arrested that asio spook who is probably handled by Chinese agents spoke like a true communist

  2. Is it a conspiracy theory when you say that during the lockdown in Australia the Australian police was the most unpopular of all other police in the world.
    I installed my television in the toilet and only watch MSM from there.

  3. wheres the signal for tv come from any one kno?

    its gotta be stopped.

    give this shit away too.

    just a good weather predictor on a local radio twice daily and enjoy loving relations with home your peeps animals n gardens

  4. So most of the world has said lockdowns, masks, fake vaccines and social distancing horseshit didn't work but yet the Australians are still pushing this crap?! Do they not think that some of the critical thinkers in Oz are going to see what the fuck is going on around the world?! How's those quarantine camps going?

  5. Notice how the tragic death of the police officers is of little importance now. The thrust of the reporting (propaganda) is that those who committed the heinous act were "conspiracy theorists" and that they're "dangerous". Next they'll say we're mentally ill like they're doing in Canada.

  6. The two police newbies were sacrificed to enable a strict gun control. The other four casualties were silenced. The keyword is "isolated". See no evil , hear no evil, speak no evil. Move along, there is nothing to see here apparently.

  7. A lot of people seem to have forgotten about the amount of suicides over the past couple of years – directly associated with the EMERGENCY LOCKDOWN LAWS??? by Australian goverments – enforced by the very ' respectable ' members of the Police Force.

    These 3 ' conspiracy theorists???? ' are just as much victims, as the police officers killed, and others, that have taken their own lives.
    Im suprised that there have not been more instances of people ' loosing their rational minds, and going down the Port Arthur path! 🤔

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