Kim Iversen: Aaron Rodgers COVID Diagnosis RENEWS Vaccine DEBATE. Will Unvaxxed Always Be ISOLATED?

Kim Iversen breaks down Aaron Rodger’s opposition to the NFL’s vaccine rules.

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  1. I feel slightly bad commenting this, but after a few weeks I understand why Krystal and Saagar and the Hill needed to depart from each other. I don't know what it says of me, but I've preferred The Hill, especially if Krystal's commentary is the main focus.

  2. Wow, an actual Journalist asking real questions, that gal's sharp!

    Otherwise its nerve-wracking to be subjected to the real news of the crazy-making malevolence of the gov.response to cov.

  3. Can someone please tell me how unvaccinated people are dangerous to the vaccinated? Vaccinated people can get the virus & pass it to both vaccinated & unvaccinated people. That is proven & I have seen it. This mandate makes no sense.

  4. This is discriminations by the NFL IMHO
    No common sense
    If they really wanted to reduce it as much as possible, they would test EVERYONE daily, right?
    I know why he did not want the vaccine
    This "experimental drug" has crippled people, blinded people, or killed them!

  5. Thats the agenda, punish those who don't conform. Just ridiculous!🤪
    SO EVERYONE SHOULD want to know the REAL truth whats in those shots? If natural immunity isn't good enough. All the vids of info don't line up. Vaccinated can spread it they said, soon lol ughhh. Conformity is not attractive…

  6. No idea how long it lasts or if it even works but we will treat u better. O ya jnj vax is no good even tho we gave it n said 90% protected. Turns out we were wrong. So even tho ppl complied got w.e shot available at random, if u didnt get phyzer ur shot didnt count lol so happy i never got any of them. No regrets unlike these vaccinated. Boosters requried, certain shots not good. No idea how long it works.

  7. There is no real science in any of this, just fear propagated by corporate bought big pharma mouthpiece Fauci, and the media that is funded by their dirty blood money.

  8. I'm Polish, faithfull catholic, never vaccinated against c19. Only recently, after 18 months of plandemia I've catched the most deadly 😉 virus from… a vaccinated colleague. My illness was medium-light. I used hydroxychlorochine to speed up my recovery – it was really successfull. I still do not vant to be vaccinated against c19! I must also add, that I've travelled twice to Italy this year (by motorbike and by car) and no QR code was necessary! They respected my negative antigen test. In September I've flown to Portugal with a negative test only and again – no problems at airports. Fear not!

  9. Why does it matter whether a person is vaccinated or not? The only one really supposedly at risk here is the unvaccinated person who takes personal responsibility for their own risk. The vaccinated are supposedly safe from severe disease.

  10. Who cares? I mean seriously first thing the experimental CCP virus vaccine is not a cure and second it is really no one's business wheather this man is vaccinated or not.

  11. Makes no sense they test everyday and prove they don’t have it so why the need to wear masks and additional distancing? Makes no sense, vaxxed can have it too and may be more likely too since tested less

  12. Omg how many jabs do you think your gonna give people before they start looking like drug users or pin cushions .people are turning into germ aphobes dam i see people practically bathing in sanitizer plastic gloves on 24 7 and you know people will be scared to take off the mask .are small kids gonna suffer paranoia .agraphobia is probaby bad i know someone that hasnt gone out since this pandemic started .think people this is virus racism between vaxed and unvaxed its gotta stop the world has worse to deal with omg.

  13. Fear mongers….
    Read the Constitution of the United States of America, drafted to ensure the liberties per State. Meaning, every state can vote within to ensure their conscience as a State.
    Our Constitution main purpose is to stop government to impose their Wil on us 🇺🇸 The People …we the people have great privilege to stay emancipated, free, happy, productive, FREE.
    Read the Constitution!!!

  14. Celebrate those who contract this virus and recover. Their immune system fought and won! And every person recovered and healthy moves us one more step towards getting on top of this. It's high time we move our focus from vaccination status to improving IMMUNITY, because that's what really counts.

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