Kim Iversen: ACLU Supports MANDATES, BETRAYING True Civil Liberties Mission

Kim Iversen explains why the ACLU’s dramatic messaging shift serves a blow to the protection of civil liberties.

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  1. Really is starting to feel like we are leaning towards a police state. Can not trade your freedom for a false sense of security. Wake up people the hate for(TDS) Trump is making people lose there minds. SMH

  2. The ACLU were the ones who advocated for wheelchair ramps on the same basis so there’s no inconsistency nor change. And if there was a single federal, state, or municipal law prohibiting vaccine mandates I’m sure they’d step up, but there is not. The “L” isn’t for “libertarian”, Kim, sorry.

  3. Kim you are wrong, the MOST sinful act the ACLU ever committed was siding with Citizens United. Trumptards (the unvaccinated rights ends where the virus bigins) Why cant you wrap your head around that?

  4. Gee what's it called again when the collective (which could be wrong) infringes on individual civil liberties???
    Mandates are not "progressive " unless fascism can be called "progressive ".

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