Kim Iversen: AOC MELTS DOWN Over Tucker Carlson, Calls Him VIOLENT And UNSAFE

Kim Iversen weighs in on the feud between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tucker Carlson.

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  1. Kim pointed out the perfect point a person who builds themselves up with followers but are very dangerous because of their frivolous mentality can lead to a greater harm to society. l think the public and jurnalist are aware of this. Pointing this out would be beneficial to public and society which was Tucker's motive. That is the method, however, of how jurnalistic satire is utilized. Most jurnalistic satire are utilized to bring to the people's attention how wrong a person views are in relationships to society at Large. The other form satire can be abstract or mere comedy without being offensive just irony, or a person intelligence. Still utilizing satire and it's purpose especially politically is something all journalist should be aware of. AOC engaged in some herself. But Kim is right the response of her audience is troubling which brings it buck to Tucker pointing out how misguided the leader is and why following s misguided person can be damaging and harmful to the public as well as society.

  2. Hmm, gotta be honest, I'm not with Kim on this one. A journalist is not some random TV personality just spewing their whatever it is ideology, they are members of the So-called 4th estate. If a journalist is proven to have intentionally reported a falsehood, even if they are clearly editorializing, that is a malicious breach of public trust, and they should be penalized for it. No Excuses. No Exceptions.

    Obviously what Tucker Carlson did does not meet this threshold, he did not present anything as a fact.

  3. I gotta agree with u Kim… 💯… well except… I did find it entertaining 😆 …. that being said… all reports that have daily segments, have to fill their time with something l… it's easy to say whatever about whoever when u don't have a solid hour or more to fill every day…
    * I'm not putting u Kim or anybody else down, I'm just making a point…

  4. the fact that she's shaping minds really scares me for the future of this country.

    I'd argue she's done nothing meaningful in her time as a congresswoman and Tucker's just calling it out

  5. I wish you'd shut up about Canada. You understand nothing about us. As with most of your rants, you're creating a narrative based on one random headline you happened to come across. You're so eager to criticize other journalists and politicians, but you obviously never take the time do much research on anything yourself. Why don't you start by doing your own job properly?

  6. Ryan: Re: S. Harassment
    You're way off to suggest Tucker's mockery of AOC's remark about being alone is in any way predatory. He's commenting on a publicized interview, not saying it to her on a private chat. How do you not see the difference? He's making a joke, not asking what she's wearing.

  7. AOC is a priveledged white girl from Yorktown heights a 90 pct white neighborhood in Westchester County and she is pretending to be Jenny from the block. She pushes policies that destroy the lives of her constituents but they are to blind to see what is being done to them. I don't like Tucker Carlson but I despise AOC . She Is a clown and has earned any verbal abuse she receives.

  8. Aoc vs tucker ??? Hahahahaha tucker is wayyyyyy to Educated for aoc….. aoc got her education with hand puppets….. I remember Ben Shapiro wanted to debate her and she claimed he cat called her ……really aoc????

  9. Anyone that believes words are violence must watch, Roadhouse. Dalton has his moment with the bouncers and his reply to "words hurt" is "are they true"? If they are not true, what is the issue? If they are true, what is the issue? "Sticks and stones may break my bones and names will never hurt me," said every fairly well adjusted person I have ever encountered. Snowflakes are undone by words. If the words cause you to react, use big people words to deal with the issue.

  10. The reason all those young people agree with her is because they've never heard her after explain anything she's ever said because to ask her to explain her thoughts is racism in violence

  11. Actually if you take in to context the 2 min leading up to him saying that where he was referencing AOC s tweets accusing people of "wanting to sleep with her" while on vacation, then YES it's totally warranted.

  12. He literally said that the WRITER sounded creepy by saying "I'm alone tonight". This is my problem with people who don't look at context before opening their mouth. If you don't understand context, dont call yourself a journalist. Its basic.

  13. I dont see a problem with anything Tucker said. Is it news? No, but neither is Joy Reid saying that Texas removed its mandates to get blacks back to work cooking steak and painting the nails of white people as if all white Texans are retired racists that can't get by on their own without their black servants or slaves to do everything for them. Tucker didn't choose the game that's being played. Dems did that. He still has to play it.

  14. Let’s not forget that one Twitter user that criticized AOC’s answer to a question about Palestine/ Israel only to have cops at his front door a day later asking if he’s made threats against a congresswoman.

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