Kim Iversen: Biden and Fauci SUED For Coercing Big Tech To CENSOR Dissent

Kim Iversen breaks down a lawsuit directed at the Biden administration over alleged government collusion with big tech.

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  1. I'm shadow banned on youtube and most of my Shares to FB don't work! Including this one! Absolutely un American/anti 1st Amendment and wrong!

  2. Can they put a timer or word limit on Robbie. He steam rolls the other hosts with long-winded nonsense. Like a balloon being inflated that gets released before end is tied. Whizzing around and around and around aimlessly till it empties itself and falls flat. 🎈

  3. Once I said online that masks don't work I started to get blocked for everything. I said someone was being childish and was blocked for bullying. I was blocked for hate speech over my treatment from women over postpartum. I mean big tech has lost it.

  4. It will go nowhere because behind it all is the Intelligence communities and they get their walking orders from politicians. Just layers behind layer behind layers, when it all boils down to this. THE U.S. Government has cease to be Representatives of the people.

  5. All you have to do is talk to You Tubers who were taken down & restrict constantly for trying to air opposing views on all those topics to know it's true about the big tech censorship.

  6. 02:12 I've heard many people claim that the 1st amendment protection of free speech applies to the government and not to private persons or companies such as big tech. I learned in the police academy that government officials cannot ask private persons or companies to do something that the government itself cannot lawfully do. For example, a police officer or other government official must have probable cause and obtain a search warrant to go inside a person's home to look around. This constitutional requirement cannot be circumvented by a government official who would ask a private person or company to conduct that search instead. As a police officer I can ask a private person to assist me in restraining a suspect so long as I have the lawful authority to restrain the suspect. In this case the government has unlawfully asked big tech to censor free speech on behalf of the government. I hope that those involved are held accountable in a court of law.

  7. 07:19 This lady is totally wrong on her point about "qualified immunity." Qualified immunity only applies when the police officer or other government official is acting within the scope of their authority. Qualified immunity does NOT apply when the act committed is beyond the scope of authority and is on it's face unlawful.

  8. The silence around the farmer protests are current case in news blackout, I wonder who we are NOT hearing from…they don't want the peons to realize we don't have to go along with the 'eat bugs' and 'eat lab-created protein' program they have planned for us. Anyone else recall Soylent Green movie? Voting can't fix this, common sense candidates never make it to the ballot..

  9. I follow several channel of ex-Muslim who show what Islamic sources say, hence criticizing them. They often get their videos removed, get strikes, accounts suspended etc, yet all they do is quote directly from sources, or news (that is not reported here).

  10. Thank you for covering this topic. I think this is the most brazen act against free speech and basically medical freedom of the past century. It has set a terrible precedent and made me reticent to support democrats, who appear to support these tactics. This is saying something, because I worked very hard to get democrats elected locally in 2016 and 2018.

  11. This is another great and desperate reason why the Americans need independent parties like a Peoples Party and others so that one or the two bought off corporate parties we now have should never have the final controlling decision on any matter, plus cut off corporate funding and donations to these entities or any political parties .
    The government should allocate a fixed amount of campaign money and TV time to each party and have a number of pre scheduled open debates . And get rid of any electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots with counting supervised by an independent source and all parties. No covering of windows bs .
    This is what is done in other countries.

  12. Martial Law Red Alert: Democrat Leadership Introduces Bill To Give Biden The Powers of a Dictator & Use Military Against The ‘Right-Wing’ With No Congressional Oversight "Read the BILL in full it is terrifying! Adam Schiff has slipped into Legistration> in section: 5298 Admement to 4350: 5292> Countering Extremism in the Armed Forces

  13. This isn’t even all of the shady dealings by the democrats and the Biden administration. Keep looking because we need to expose corruption and lies by tech companies, main stream medias and the Democratic Party.

  14. If all ideas are presented for the world to see..time will be able to tell which have truth and which do not..sometimes these ideas are not fully finished ..or just half truths…what ever they may be…they should be left alone for the world to see and for each person to learn from.

  15. The japanese government and the japanese laws in high court did exactly that to me when i wrote on face book about the dollar, how banks make money etc,, covid, (basically what we are seeing now on Utube but at that tine 2020 was still unheard of..& too bad they used some person to get me..and now i am still paying them the $2,000 fine…that i know was a BIG PART OF THEIR CORPORATE GREED IN JAPANESE HIGH COURTS.

  16. Yeah but all governments across the West been working in lockstep and reading from the same script! Not one person has been able to go against the narrative it’s not mathematically possible

  17. Many people know by now Washington has been opposing free speech and even more actively suppressing free press for a long time.
    Free Assange

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