Kim Iversen: Biden Uses TIK TOK Stars To Spread Propaganda About Gas Prices

Kim Iversen breaks down the White House’s closed-door press meeting with 30 popular Tik Tok users.

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  1. These are all young programmed impressionable people … America is propaganda 24/7…. Most people are too ignorant to realize that… It's called manipulation.

  2. Hahaha! This is a new disgusting low. We are now to listen to the tide pod eating generation? I call for a Congo line and let’s all start the chant “How low can you go! How low can you go!”

  3. Putin Is The West New Boogeyman…If Everything Goes Wrong, Just Blame It On Putin. Economy Collapse, Putin Faults. The Dog Eat Your Homework, Putin Faults. Gas Going To The Moon, its Putins Faults.

    Putin! Putin! Putin!

    Not The Socalled Politicians On Both Side Or The Central Bank For 0% Interest Rate For The Last 4 years. How Dare You Putin!

  4. About your viewers who keep on saying that Ukraine may have violated an agreement but does not deserve to be punished with invasion, hear ye, that human Civilization advanced because our ancestors had word of honor, that they could be relied on to do their part, so that we all could go on to build and create something useful, good and lasting. That our acts have consequences.

  5. Agree with you again Kim. The Information you bring to this channel is stunning. Please get your channel back so we can get real news and not propaganda. These two guys have no reasoning ability or understanding. Oh my bad, it's Putins Faults! 🤣

  6. "In a 61-page ruling handed down on Tuesday, New York Supreme Court Judge David B. Cohen wrote that voting-tech firm Smartmatic’s $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News’s parent company Fox Corp., two of its hosts, and former Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani can proceed…"

  7. Well non-experts, non-journalists in pop culture have been promoting bad ideas for the last near decades on YouTube. Why are anime and video game channels earnestly telling me to get involved with Anti-Capitalism and Socialism? These are not the brightest bulbs, especially in terms of optics.

  8. Apart from armed conflicts that would lead to nuclear all-outs, these "asymmetrical" war of cyber attack, information war, and economic war are retching up big time. It's only the beginning. The minds of the public are the new battle ground.

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