Kim Iversen: Bill Gates Says Omicron “SADLY” Better Than Vax At Building Covid Immunity

Kim Iversen details Bill Gates’ latest comments on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Every single leader in the world is complicit during the last 2 years of COVID-19 period.
    Either it's a sign of their internal knowledge about the real vulnerability of the Virus or our inability in choosing the smart leaders.
    The leaders during this era along with many medical professionals are waiting the same demise of GWB.
    They would show up in big organized crowds as wave both hands but they'll be hated forever.
    But what the heck? Some are always in for few more dollars.

  2. Considering Africa did so well, I find it interesting that so many news stories here claimed covid was racist and was far worse for black people. Why did the Africans do so much better with it?

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