Kim Iversen: CEO Canceled For Calling Out Role Of Obesity In Covid Pandemic

Kim Iversen breaks down the relationship between widespread obesity and the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. The food industry and the unfettered push to profit has created many very unhealthy societies. Well meaning folk, that want to be seen as inclusive and virtuous, shout down any conversation about how increased weight has an impact on overall health. Throw a pandemic at societies that have abandoned good health for convenience and you get the perfect storm being played out in the divided states of 'murica. If I see one more plus size model on a magazine touted as being an ideal we can all be proud of, I will lose the contents of my stomach

  2. If there is a disregard of you're health simply by reducing sugar, better choices on food intake,implementing some form of fitness daily routine and it's an inconvenience to you. I'm thinking you are probably not taking the pandemic seriously or you're the same person who looks for the quick fix, diet pills, 30 day weight loss plan, surgery, or just a vaccination then screams "put on a mask" ..

  3. Over the past 18 months, the number of people asking questions about vaccine safety has grown significantly. The subscriber base to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)’s The Vaccine Reaction journal newspaper has increased by more than 50%

  4. Obesity isn't a disease, it's a corollary of poor lifestyle choices. The West is now so satanically corrupt that good health has taken a back seat to psychopathic profiteering. Big Pharma intends to make and keep ppl sick and the govt and MSM are paid to shut up.

  5. Its so simple folks.. less sugar, less carbs, more water, no food after 8 ( something I do that helps) exercise more even just go for walks, eat good natural foods, fruit, veggies and so on, and get good rest.

  6. Don't know if you noticed, but the countries with low obesity, most of are countries where their population doesn't get enough to eat, let alone to much. If you think not enough to eat is what you would call "healthy" you're kinda dumb and need to leave your bubble now and then.

  7. Who was the woman on the right? talk about being straight up sensible. God it feels like in today's media landscape hearing someone just saying something sensible and reasonable is like finding water in the desert

  8. since a couple of weeks the all causes, age corrected death rate of vaccinated has risen above the all causes, age corrected, death rate for un vaccinated.
    so statistically the un vaccinated live longer than the vaccinated.
    the individual benefit of getting vaccinated is outweighed by the overall disadvantages in health due to the vaccination.
    it is either that, or the un vaccinated have stopped smoking and drinking, lost weight and cured their diabetes some time ago…..

  9. Excellent video many thanks ! In my view ; it doesn’t take a genius to figure out, that obesity / being unhealthy is a far far far more serious and far more deadly epidemic than the C19 virus will ever be ….. and not only in the Western world !

  10. Good on you. Being healthy is better than just getting a vaccine. It is time for people in the US to stop just following the Government and Fauci say but to take on preventative health care. The deaths from covid are directly related to the number of comorbidities in that person

  11. Tried to sneak in that little piece about Chinese herbal "medicine". When you can prove in a double blind trial that "herbal medicine" actually works, it just becomes "medicine".

  12. People in Africa also get a lot of sun and hence vitamin D production, while Scandinavian countries keep an eye on their vitamin D levels since they don't get enough sun so they take supplements.

  13. What's the difference in fast food and cigarettes?? Once the mechanism that proves fast food is addictive and that fast food corps know this and held to the same standard as cigarettes corps are then people will be allowed to know the dangers of fast food

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