Kim Iversen: Digital IDs To Be Rolled Out By Big Banks For WEF’s GREAT RESET Agenda

Kim Iversen explains the World Economic Forum’s efforts to introduce a digital ID.

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  1. Ironic that Robbie and Ryan downplayed the reporting on the Durham Report as fake news. Hmmmm….accessing private info to smear a sitting president… just overreacting. Nothing to see here.

  2. Good news–the Canadian Authoritarians have revealed their weakness, and the weakness of the banks and WEF. There is a RUN ON THEIR BANKS. Top 4 banks are paralyzed. Fractional reserve banking means banks are so highly leveraged that they can't be used by authoritarians so easily. Crypto will bring down the WEF.

  3. My wife is 27. She was born in her living room of the the country she was born in. There was no record of her birth or life until I went to marry her and she had nothing and we had to drag her mom and pop up to the capital and get records made. It was horrible. It was a hassle. It was a headache. It caused us to hate the idea of ID because they are a system of control.

  4. We cant even protect the digital info now. Why would itrust the govt to do anything good with this info when governments prove time and again they do horrible things given the chance.

  5. Political factions were advocating banning people who didn't reveal vaccine status from grocery. They must think people are not aware of the number of the beast prophecy in Revealation.😇

  6. They are not hoping governments will adopt the "tech". They are installing shills and using psyops to get governments to force it upon people. They want to control people and this tech is not secure and has not been proven. They will force it upon everyone and then it will be abused just like they did with vaccines. They think they are geniuses but they are actually just insane criminals .

  7. The lovely kim delivers yet again another stellar info bit of what's to come down the pipeline.
    Although It had a hint of sarcasm, all of what was said has the great potential of being true ✔️

  8. Kim it’s even worse, here in Canada they are trying to make the emergency laws that allowed them to freeze bank accounts and seize assets. Once they introduce this digital ID they can finally cancel people for real.

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