Kim Iversen: Emails REVEAL Fauci & Collins COLLUDED To Smear Scientists, SHUT DOWN Scientific Debate

Kim Iversen details the alleged NIH and CDC effort to discredit some experts’ COVID-19 opinions.

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  1. Twitter ( understands; make no mistake. It is not erosion of public trust; it's erosion of public thought and the creation of a new trust in false truth (or a single truth, their truth, a manufactured/engineered truth, etc. whatever makes you happy). Did Galileo really say (of his telescope), "I now have visual proof of what I already knew through my intellect." I know I've seen it, but I can't find it.

  2. There are people in HIGH PLACES that have colluded to smear those that have better methods than they do. They broadcast day and night almost like terrifying people and self righteously slamming anyone with different views. Might as well burn anyone at the stake who dares to question THEM.

  3. No one is reporting on the story out of South Africa that "China released the mild Omicron strain of the COVID virus". For over a thousand years, China has known that infecting people with mild versions of Polio gives them immunity to the incredibly destructive strains of Polio. Since the Wuhan virology center conducted Fauci's bioweapons research, they have records of much less lethal versions of the COVID virus and the ability to give the whole world antibodies through infection. The test data would show ease of spread and severity of the infection. Considering the Omicron virus spreads quicker and has mild symptoms, I think there is some validity to the China released Omicron story. Since Fauci's COVID virus is a bioweapon that Fauci's government organization paid to develop, it makes complete since why the US Government would not want the vaccine recipes shared with the rest of the world. A bioweapon only works if your victim doesn't have the capacity to produce a vaccine. Everyone involved in the development of the COVID virus needs to be held accountable to the law. They have murdered millions of people and created trillions in economic damage.
    Omicron's release in Africa could be China's way of saving the world from the US Government. If China released the version in China, the US government would probably use the act as a reason to go to war but now it could just be a coincidence.

  4. TC they want our ssi, they are eliminating the elderly and sick, they want to reduce the population , oh you don't believe, look at the Georgia stones but not on google or face book or you tube, Look at the UN agenda 21 and agenda 30 they put it in writing
    this time is the precursor to 1984, this is sick

  5. Twitter and social media platforms is definitely going to far. But this Robert Malone guy seem to spread som serious misinformation about the mRNA vaccines. Of course Kim Iversen has no interest in letting people know that as she herself has downplayed Covid-19 using seriously flawed studies.

  6. There is a video out there of one of fauci's associates Ralph Baric discussing how they can make financial gain from the corona virus.He was the person from North Carolina university that was doing the gain of function research before it was shut down in the US, and then took it to china.There are a lot more people and institutions involved in this scam than just those two people though.

  7. We should be horrified how much control the socialist left has over social media and the MSM. Anyone no matter who, Doctors, scientists, viroligists who go against the narrative. This is like Natzi Germany!!

  8. How To Change Freedom: 1. Crises 2. Build collective 3. Mass psychosis 4. Control Information to confuse 5. Censor 6. Turn loose immorality 7. Legalize drugs 8. Isolate people to control the narrative.

  9. I agree that big tech gave them the ability to stifle dissent. What most journalists miss however is that the ideals of science are distrust and skepticism regarding dogma. DISTRUSTING AND QUESTIONING SCIENTISTS IS ACTUALLY GOOD SCIENCE! But human nature takes it personally. And bureaucrats, which is what Felchi and Collins really are, need dogma. We need to stop calling them scientists. It is media and politicians that have turned scientists in medical doctors into priests of a new religion. Ironic that Kim cites Galileo's struggles against the Catholic Church.

  10. Are we free yet? Think our elected representatives have been neutered by unelected bureaucrats? The real enemy of our representative democracy are the entreched bureaucrats. Maybe it's time to reassess the need for public service unions. I believe they do much more harm to the nation than any good. The one thing they're great at is protecting criminals and the incompetent. It's time for our elected representatives to conduct actual oversight and to pass legislation that allows them to remove bureaucrats who clearly obstruct congress. It's a ridiculous notion that we can throw out a member of congress by recall or through the election process but we can not get rid of entrenched bureaucrats. That's not a representative government.

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