Kim Iversen: ENRAGED Marine’s VIRAL Video Shows What’s WRONG with the Military Industrial Complex

Kim Iversen explains how the viral clips shared by Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller reveal a breakdown of trust between servicemen and women and their civilian commanders.

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  1. Ryan, or whoever his name is, is a complete idiot, who is probably a democrat, mindless as all of them are. YES, the Coronel is absolutely right in demanding accountability, we all are, and nobody is doing anything, good for him for speaking out, all those generals directly involved in Afghanistans as well as the Secretary of Defense should be brought to an investigation for all the lives lost, for the civilians left behind and for all the equipment left to the enemy, treasonous actions of the Generals NOT of the brave Coronel.

  2. This guy really doesn't get it. The reason the Lt. Col. is just now saying it, I'm guessing, he was being a good soldier.

    He doesn't have political aspirations. He expected men to be MEN… and they are not allowed anymore.
    So what about Mrs. General (Miley). And his egregious misdeeds against our Comander and Chief and country by specifically telling a communist ENEMY OF THE STATE that he would of course offer him precious, internal information regarding OUR PLANS against his country? Treason anyone? Specifically treason!

    Also, the law is intended to provide apt response for a persons misdeeds upon conviction thereof. The law IS NOT a tool for and was NEVER intended to offer a penalty so out of balance just to prove a point to POTENTIAL FUTURE lawbreakers. That is a GROSS statement and a disgusting abuse of power in which our New World Order and its Marxist, socialist, authoritarian Dictatorship is now happily engaging regularly. Our country is gone.

  3. Lt col scheller is a soldiers soldier 17 years on the frontline continuous unlike his General leaders they havent been on the frontline for years none of them put their ranks on the table for their soldiers against BIDEN administration bad decisions gutless cowards no honour,courage I'm a new Zealand army infantry soldier former a nz maori

  4. The more I listen to Kim, the more I like her! I'm on board with you Kim!
    I do believe asking for accountability from the decision makers that mucked this up is perfectly fine!

  5. good to see how active duty military is starting to wake up about what these wars are and what their service amounts to. There is a fine line between protecting America and protecting the interests of the US government. unfortunately, few people can recognize the difference, but the pointless war in Afghanistan is starting to change that.

  6. Western "senior leaders" have NO ACCOUNTABILITY bcz….they are HYPOCRITES, Liars….MURDERERS….ALL OVER THE WORLD…..FOR MANY MANY MANY YEARS. They lied to you, 'decorated marine' You ALL were lied to. All the western mindset thinks is :WAR…after WAR…..after WAR. We decent human beings (ie Asian) know the truth. The M I.C. is the entity that controls, runs USA. Meanwhile the brainwashed public have gotten used to the constant plug "we have to fight/have an enemy"….and so it goes.

  7. Once again Ryan proves himself to be an idiot drone. I’ll bet he has never been in the military and had to serve under so many of these complete POS arrogant self serving commanders and generals. We took an oath to support and defend the constitution and not the criminal government members that is flat out trying to destroy it. I wish I was able to serve under such a commander as he. I had zero commanders even worth the time to listen to much less follow.

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