Kim Iversen: Facebook “Whistleblower” Calls For CENSORSHIP, Dems And GOP Agree

Kim Iversen reacts to whistleblower Frances Haugen’s testimony before Congress, and makes the case against more government oversight of Facebook.

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  1. She’s a Chinese spy. She’s advocating for allowing Chinese psy-ops to continue to mess with our citizens minds on OUR internet. We can see the real life implications of all this misinformation with covid theories, poison vaccines, q anon, trafficking ring under the White House etc. I’m 10000% positive she’s working for the Chinese or she would of agreed with censoring these social media giants ability to be used for subversion on our citizens.

  2. I unsubscribed when Krystal and Saagar left The Hill, but after watching Kim Iversen being a larger part of The Hill, I subscribed again. She is such a breath of fresh air and really is a huge enrichment for The Hill.

  3. Thats not the same Kim. Everyone doesn't have access to my phone calls. I can't bully a mass of individuals with one phone call.
    Get it straight… you're against this because you've gained a following using the fearing mongering trend that is facebook.

  4. It sounds like America is moving faster and faster towards a totalitarian state. Communist China, Russia and Belarus do just that: they censor everything their citizens read. The Government determines what the people are fed as "the truth". Free speech and the right to information would no longer exist. Censorship is another step on the way to totaliarism (not the first one, unfortunately).

    "Think if the children!" They used this to destroy the vapor industry and force former smokers back to smoking.

  5. Break up monopolies, problem solved. That whistleblower tried to say breaking up Facebook wouldn’t help…which isn’t true. Break up all monopolies and the problem diffuse. Only break up one and the issue shifts, but power stays centralized…

  6. AOL chatrooms. Thats the answer. Stop making the internet virtual reality. People need to voluntarily walk away from these platforms, and people with an audience of any size should be starting that discussion. Like Chappelle said, twitter aint real.

  7. Listen, yes the algorithm should be watched because of kids just like it's the world's job it's also their parents…BUT be careful of Reverse Uno in War: often a plant will be put in to make a free platform of any kind all the way back to Benjamin Franklin look bad that way they can take away your speech your voice for your own safety they say but what you're left with is Media outlets that are controlled and now if something happens just like in Egypt you won't be able to reach out because the only outlet that you had is gone….. Oftentimes governments will act as if something is horrible just to get rid of it it's for nefarious reasons.

  8. How do we combat misinformation? I'm curious to know how we should go about this. I don't blindly trust what anyone posts and I usually go looking for other sources that covered the issue at hand but it seems like I'm in the vast minority on this. Most people seem to go along with whatever aligns with their preconceived beliefs and don't consume anything that challenges those beliefs.

    To start, I think we should know who funds every bit of information that we see on any of our social media platforms. Misinformation is running rampant and there's big money behind a lot of it. Time to know exactly who's funding what.

  9. You want censorships on speech?, Than take the dam Internet off the grid and bring back television for all to see and start walking up to the capital as they did in the 60's Protest. There had to be millions of people at the capital back then…lol Take It Down!!!

  10. After Twitter tortured my brain for something like 30 months with Trump related news and almost tricked my brain into thinking that was all that existed, they released a Chronological Option in about 2018 (going back to how Twitter started) and I found out that I hadn't seen my friends' posts in years. Amazing people posting daily that I thought had essentially disappeared. They intentionally warped our brains, blocked us from our friends, intentionally sewed discord and still dude on the right thinks Twitter knows better.

  11. There is rating for movie as a control of content, perhaps a control on the number of pages that can be served per topic etc. It should be about balance, which is subjecive no doubt; but having some control is better than none. No need drama like a so-called whistleblower who is not giving any revelation that we aren't unaware of.

  12. This girl really nails it. Sinister is the word of what the democrats and the their allies fascist book goo gle and yt are up to. Influence the 2022 elections and then
    the 2024 presidential ones like they did in 2020.

  13. If teen girls are looking to social media for acceptance about there bodies, there self esteem is lower than I thought, in addition, parental oversight is needed for not only building up the self esteem of young girls, but oversight of social media as well.

  14. Facebook and other social media platforms are apps that you have to log into, just stay off of it. Lets just blame the tech companies because the parents are not taking the phones away, lol.

  15. whistleblow happens
    gets to congress
    because it's totally a real whistleblow we all know that whistleblows usually end up in congress right? Isn't that the case?

  16. Free legal speech for all, now that sounds great, that's all the government should do. Kim has a misunderstanding of section 230, before that law passed, if you didn't try to control content you had you could not be suited, Cubby, Inc. v. CompuServe Inc. Section 230 happened because courts allowed law suites to companies that edit forum posts, Stratton Oakmont, Inc. v. Prodigy Services Co.

  17. Was clear she was a "whistleblower" as soon as I saw the 60 Minutes interview.

    "Hey, Facebook is bad because they're manipulating people's spaces of information to terrible effect!

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