Kim Iversen: FIRE FAUCI ALREADY! History Of Flip Flops And Lies Should FORCE Retirement

Kim Iversen makes the case that Dr. Fauci should resign or be fired over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Anthony Fauci needs to resign, he’s a liar …..
    He lied about masks.
    He lied about funding gain of function research.
    And he's never going to tell the truth about the origins of COVID-19.
    He's intentionally misled, misinformed, and failed the American people.

  2. He was a pawn in the communist U.S. "democratic" party to force election cheating through predominant mail in ballots which were not counted or truck load hauled in from other states like what happened in votes carried from "New York" to Pennsylvania which one truck driver accounts on happening. This was part of a larger ploy to covertly steal the U.S. election. The plandemic happened in a voting year and leaked out of a lab on accident? Come on!

  3. Crimes against humanity punishable by retiring? While a young man is on trial for not breaking any laws protecting his own life. We the people demand oath breakers and law breakers face charges and a trial.

  4. The more I hear Kim, the more I love her.Fauci said nobody would be forced to get vaccinated.That was a lie.I think he's committed treason.Because of their lies, people are dying.

  5. Antony Fauci présente des signes cliniques de sénilité avancée. Il en est réduit à sa propre débilité, fondatrice ou native ! Sa boucle est bouclée : -"That's all folk's … and game over" !

  6. Excuse me…not fire him, put him in prison for life…he is a criminal…We the people are not confuse…We know very well the corruption that is going on…Everyone covering for everyone else…that means there are many criminals in high places…put those involved in prison…Especially this arrogant little guy that thinks he is above the law…Fauci paid Wuhan, China a foreign country considered an enemy of the USA with money that was not his, this money belong to the people…PUT HIM IN JAIL FOR TREASON, PERJURY AND FOR HELPING THIS VIRUS BECOME LETHAL THROUGH THE SUPPORT OF GAIN OF FUNCTION WHICH IS ALREADY A KNOWN FACT OF WHAT HAPPENED… There are no viruses that are lethal to humans…All of them in the past have been created…Stop the ignorance and investigate what all the past viruses are all about…ALL PLANNED AND ALL BEING CREATED…We have very good immune systems that protect our bodies against disease…PUT THESE CRIMINALS IN JAIL FOR CRIMES AGAINST AGAINST HUMANITY…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…

  7. He has responsible for thousands of deaths but still free ? lied on senate floor lied over and over about how everyone should deal with it and continues to lie on the stand . simple answer jail time for lying….

  8. We now have loving families in bitter fights over this vaccine. Families not welcoming other members to their table for Thanksgiving if not vaccinated.
    This is their plan

  9. Nothing will happen to him. He is working for demrats so he is protected. He lies to keep peolpe in fear and panic. Flip flopping about every thing since the begining. He is using us as guinea pigs.

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