Kim Iversen: Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Leaves Out KEY Alleged Epstein Victims. Lead Prosecutor A COMEY

Kim Iversen details the alleged victims we won’t hear from during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial.

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  1. I found your channel, very impressed with the coverage of this story, AND love Kim's dress & matching lipstick !! and the men wearing ties !! LOVE the professional looks. Subscribed.

  2. Kim; never forget "alleged". They were paid; check their bank balances and ages at the time!!! Just unhappy hookers?? Maybe; maybe not. I want to see the EVIDENCE!!!

  3. I bet it's less about Comey's dad having pull and getting her high profile cases to bolster her career and more about giving the case to someone who's "on board" & will see that the proper outcomes are achieved.

  4. Donald Trump was never in the blackbook and Donald Trump never went to the island Donald Trump did rub shoulders with him because he rubbed shoulders with all the elites but as soon as trump's friend told him that he thought something was suspicious with Epstein, Trump dropped him so fast and then Trump was the only one to reach out to the FBI! The FBI says hes the only 1 that actually called them to give them any information that they wanted! Do your research!!

  5. I can hear the far left coming out Of her as soon as she spoke guess what , CNN and all the fake news channels aren't covering either lady so there's no need to make comments about news anchors and who's covering what… NBC AND actually had a news REPORTER quit her job because they literally wouldn't cover anything on Epstein even though they had the coverage and all the evidence so if you really want to talk about corrupt news channels we can go baby.

  6. Bottom Line: Ghislane is going to claim #1 – She had no idea of their ages, and when she found out they ended the relationships. They're never going to drop their names because they can't prove they were "trafficked" as she claimed she had "relationship's" with these men. The prosecutor won't pursue the other cases for politics only and don't want any other of their supporter's tangled up or they won't get those donations when running for other offices. The Prosecutor's office is always dirty, always, so too see the same prosecutor on the same cases out of 100's is purely political. Any of them who settled cases can't & won't be used as some of those agreements for money are written strategically to ensure this never happens.

  7. Kim Versen really did try and lay this out,👏she didn’t get a lot of support from the gguys sitting nextto her 🥴 righteousness always prevails and it will in this case too .

  8. Why don't they mention the island right next to epstiens? The one that was owned by the commander and chief Bidens, brother? Birds of the same feather, flock together.

  9. The producers of this show are wise to let Kim do most of the talking and most of the presenting. But they should get rid of the guy on the right, the smirking, self-satisfied adolescent Republican or conservative. He's not funny and he has nothing particularly interesting to say, hard as he tries to seem relevant and a rising star.

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