Kim Iversen: GREAT RESET Has INFILTRATED Cabinets Around The World With Young Leaders Like Trudeau

Kim Iversen details the prestigious class of the Young Global Leaders program and speculates how their groupthink may have led to Covid-19 lockdowns.

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  1. Once you again you divulged a global movement to influence/manipulate political landscapes with a singular objective – to enslave the global citizenry under one world order run by elitists.

    Anyone identified with the WEF Young Turks seeking political leadership should be immediately censured. The have no business running counties.

  2. Follow the bread crumbs….

    Total control of society by an elite few who are puppets of a dark lord.

    If people don't see it yet, maybe a book of fables might enlighten them.

    At a certain point in the future most in our societies won't be able to buy or sell; only if they have the mark of the beast.

    Take as much time as you need to process this (dear reader).

  3. Good old Klaus stated Trudeau is one of there young global leaders guys. If any government said we are pentrating there cabinets they would be labelled as spies or up on treason charges. These people arent even trying to hide the agenda anymore, they must think its too late to stop it.

  4. Any coincidence it's called the great reset? Mao called it the great leap forward. 30-45 million killed. Oh be quiet you conspiracy theorist. Just get on the train. Free showers and your very own BBQ

  5. How can anyone go along with these Globalist? It's perfectly obvious they want to herd us, control us as if we're sheep. Their all power/wealth sick and pretty much delusional at this point. Now, how can we stop this and regain our freedoms all over the world? Get rid of the Globalist by means of audits and put a stop of them working hand in hand with the global governments that they funded. Every single globalist has broken laws that get covered up by means of funding campaign elections. The government's of the world go along with the evil globalist agenda's because the government's are deeply rooted into the very same agenda.

  6. News Justice System, New Courts, New Leaders, but old punishments for these murderers. You name the crime they have done it. The crimes these people have committed on this earth can only fit ONE punishment.
    No mother ever thought they could carry such evil in their whom for 9 months.

  7. Canada's real leader,Deputy Leader Crystia Freeland, is on the board of governors at WEF. They just put the emergencies act in to vacuum up all the banking etc info on Canadian WEF enemies (truckers etc)

  8. I'm speculating here, but that "program" must have some kind of brainwashing methods to turn these people into Manchurian-type candidates. No one in their right mind, or right heart, would push or abide by these doctrines. Its inhumane and tumultuous.

  9. The missing piece that finally explains the whole CHECK MATE situation … OMG, I am actually sick from my stomach right now … I did not want to believe any of those "conspiracies" but the truth is – we all are in danger.

  10. Journalists are always the last to know. If it's being reported on the news you can be sure it's been happening for at least twenty years. In this case, the 'Reset' which is actually the Fourth Industrial Revolution, officially began at the Reo Summit in 1992 with the signing of the Sustainability Accord. No, it's not a conspiracy theory… 'Sustainability' IS the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is why they've been floating the idea of 'Climate Lock Downs' and why their digital economy will be zero-carbon and based on some kind of 'Earth Asset'. CS Lewis warned about Technocracy in his novel 'The Hideous Strength'. Windsor McKay did political cartoons about 'Technocracy'. The movement began in the 1930s. Do your research!

  11. Stop harping on "You will own nothing and be happy". Do you know what comes immediately after that? Because there are eight WEF predictions for 2030, not just one. #2 is: "The United States will no longer be a super-power". Chew on that for a while while you Build Back Better.

  12. not to disagree here, where were you when "trump" rolled out his agenda? Crickets!! We are heading the wrong direction regardless but i rather a smart guy than a Fascist on top! Just my take…

  13. It's hard to know how the influence works. I'm sure there is indoctrination as well as carrots and sticks. I don't think one can rule indoctrination out. They are probably indoctrinated through the incentives. People can create justifications for positions that will benefit them.

  14. Just gotta say, Love..Love..Love…Kim Iverson!! Could listen to her ALL Day!! Powerful piece of TRUE journalism. Thank you so much for your daily sacrifice and diligence to produce quality pieces like this.

  15. This is all about digital id , social credit score, all of your personal information. Trudeau was the recipient of the digital id hail mary pass, and the truckers interrupted it.

  16. This Is Definitely a topic worth going down the rabbit hole for. I am so glad to see that the world, well parts of the world, are opening their ears & eyes. Great content and please keep it going. There is so much to discover. Don't forget to share with the world when you find it. Stay safe and thanks for sharing.

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