Kim Iversen: How Will SCOTUS Rule On Biden’s Vaccine Mandates? Lower Court Rulings Give PREVIEW?

Kim Iversen breaks down what a Supreme Court consideration of vaccine mandates might look like.

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  1. As long as we remember it's EXPERIMENTAL and the "trials" run until 2023. Please explain how something that is experimental can be mandated.
    Ps. The mandated one is for/"treats" the original virus not the present variants.

  2. Mandates are a Hate crime against Humans with functional immune systems. The question is ‐ Why are the pharmaceutical companies allowed to "Hate the Healthy" so much that they can cause people with healthy immune systems to loose their job ? Big Pharma does not Own our bodies. We are not slaves of Pfizer. Slavery and ownership of human bodies was abolished in 1865 !

  3. Unfortunately, the true realities of this entire fiasco concerning this "JAB" is EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS. As I see it, "We The People" should NEVER allow our simple rights of "body autonomy" to be neither interwoven into, claimed, controlled, nor manipulated by ANY physical entity or so-called representation of "Terra Government". It is a man's FAITH, that determines, conceptualizes and mitigates his role amidst the challenges of life, within his society. Therefore, a decision concerning one is a decision respected by all. Natural Immunity is definitive!! Besides, for so much emphasis by governments being draconian about this "JAB", it truly begs the following questions:
    1) Why was "Indemnification" even granted to BIG Pharma, in the beginning?
    2) Who are the real financial stakeholders & beneficiaries of this entire fiasco?
    3) How does ALL of this coincide with other nefarious discoveries, concerning politics?
    4) Why haven't "THE PEOPLE" began unplugging, from this polluted and corrupt system?
    Many more questions, but I want to listen more.

  4. Concerning man made vaccine mandates compared to God’s written promises concerning any plague!
    The following is a promise only for the people who believe God’s will be done!

    Psalms 91:7-10; A thousand shall fall at your side,
    and ten thousand at your right hand;
    but it shall not come near us.
    Only with our eyes shall we behold
    and see the reward of the wicked.

  5. A shot that DOES NOT stop people from getting sick, or from carrying COVID and passing it on to others. How can it be legal to mandate it? How can they say non-vaxxed have to wear masks and take tests when vaxxed don’t have to if they can pass it to others? And then there’s natural immunity that works better than the dangerous vax. What in the blazes are we allowing just because less than half the people in the US are still freaking out and believing the MSM?

  6. This is NOT a vaccine, it will NOT prevent COVID…I cannot believe this is even an issue. We will NOT eradicate COVID unless we reach herd immunity. All of these tactics are scare tactics…they just want people to line up and get the jab, and then once the ramifications are known, it will be too late for these people. When will this country wake up?

  7. No one should be forced to inject their body with anything. That simple. Give the option to those who’s trust is in the vaccine. Clear civil rights violation.

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