Kim Iversen: Is Fauci’s Botched Handling Of The AIDS Epidemic Being Repeated?

Kim Iversen analyzes Dr. Fauci’s past support of AZT to treat HIV/AIDS and his current support of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19.

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  1. AIDS was made in a petry dish just like covid. He made both. They put the poison in the hepatitis B Shot. Then Fauci came out with azt. Which killed them, not telped them.
    You have covid they want a vaccine to make millions, not to treat it with the drug that is in expensive to use, when they can you to say the therapeutics don't work, when they do.

  2. Excellent reporting Kim. Back in the early 80s I was a nurse in an isolation ward for AIDS patients. It was terribly sad because most of them were young men who had become stigmatized by the public and in some cases by their families and friends. There was talk that this virus was man made but mainstream media were prevented from reporting on it as it was claimed this was just a conspiracy theory made by the misinformed. The situation in this isolation ward became far worse after Fauci told the world that you could potentially catch it if you were in close contact with these patients. Many nurses refused to look after these patients, they were afraid for their lives. Those of us who pushed on regardless were also seen as "dirty". We were segregated from other hospital staff, it was shocking! When I saw that Fauci was in charge of this so-called pandemic, everything in me told me not to get the vaccine. Fauci is a scientist who makes Frankenstein look good – he has convinced the world that they are doing the right thing when he himself is conducting an unorthodox scientific experiment. There has to be another way to fight this [yet again man made] virus. These vaccines are another AZT disaster waiting to happen. God help the world is all I can say.

  3. I want to see Grim's credentials to argue this since he is not the one that did the research for this report. Why is he so adamant about being right? He went off like the typical lefty that can't control the argument so he just closes his ears and chants his reply over the top of anyone trying to inject some logic. What's his problem? Can't listen to the truth?

    And Bobby boy had to stop himself from saying none of the other treatments work as he was saying the only thing that works is the vaccine. Both of these clowns know they are leaving out the biggest fact, if not lying, that there are at least two other treatments that probably work better than the vaccines and cost next to nothing. Both have been available since the start of all of this. Any doctors that even mention the alternatives are threatened with their professional lives. I like Kim Iversen better every time she does a report. She was obviously better informed than either one of those buffoons and more interested in telling us the truth.

  4. Pretty boy Bobby failed to mention that the majority of people at his age and many much older had very mild cases of the virus and they didn't use any vaccines. They were just healthy. Enough with the half-truths already. This show is looking more and more like the Tower of Pizza about to fall to the left. Go get 'em, Kim!

  5. "..and not beyond what any medical experts would recommend". And who would that be – Fauci? We've seen how reliable his expertise is. He will recommend whatever he and his buddies in Big Pharma make the most profit on.

  6. What about blood type differences. You see once approval is given all other avenues are disregarded. Fauci is covering his backside and keeps insisting on using his recommendation so he will profit as long as his product is used. Profit over dead patients.

  7. I was wondering, since USA took the lead of the new world 🌎, and new viruses starts emerging to people, but he fooled Americans all these years, but when he went after everyone in large scale, thinking that he can fool everyone else all the time , remember that old saying.

  8. No word from Fauci or any one else about altering the "original receipe" vaccine to be able to combat the new variants. Oh that's right, there is no vaccine for his new, super varients.
    The original recipe vaccine is the hidden pathway for the new, super varients.

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