Kim Iversen Is SUSPENDED From YouTube Over Segment On Covid Therapeutic Study

Kim Iversen details the suspension of The Kim Iversen Show’s YouTube channel.

According to the CDC: Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19.

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  1. Who are their experts? I am a PhD, MD with over 30 years in vaccine development and my channel was taken down for questioning vaccines due to a lack of long-term studies. I am an expert but yet, my channel is gone. Youtube should be sued into oblivion.

  2. Honestly I’m not surprised it happened but surprised it took so long because freedom of speech is not free for everyone it appears but rather YouTube can and shall think and make our choice which is nonsense. I’m sorry it happened Kim. But God bless you for always speaking truth with clarity , facts and opinions.

  3. Unbelievably, Ryan has to say the lockdowns work to some degree which does nothing other than dilute Kim's message about free speech. Of course a totalitarian regime's lockdown will slow down the spread of a virus but this has an enormous cost. The hard lockdowns in Western societies slowed the spread but ultimately didn't eliminate nor stop people from being infected. They just delayed the inevitable and prevented people will other illnesses from receiving timely treatment.

  4. When you agree to a platforms TOS, they can remove you at anytime.
    This has nothing to do with free speech its protected, so you will not be thrown in jail, well unless you incriminate yourself.

    If you don't want to get blacklisted, just report everything on your own, instead of agreeing to a TOS.

    The comments, apparently don't understand that.

  5. This is the reason why monopolies need to be outlawed, I'm not sure of the trust of Rumble but more like it are required as the monetization is a brilliant way to commerce.

  6. Good on yeah Kim! By the way your guest mentions 9/11 and everything has changed since then, but do the research Kim, and you will be surprised if the official narrative is different!

  7. We need Teddy Roosevelt back. I am 82 and I cannot believe the transformation in this country. I never imagined the United States would be so censored and unfree speech. I believe that we should be able to say just about anything, no matter who it offends, and that applies to both sides, with very few exceptions. A few decades ago I think we had a free press, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore either.

  8. Kim I'm very sorry for what happened. But I wonder that they don't threaten you more seriously.
    You make a hight quality reporting.
    But the truth American establish cannot stand any longer even if the violate basics of democracy. America is no free country, it is an autocracy.

  9. I think that people are ok with censorship bc they're tired of the divisiveness and want to cut the other side off from putting their ideas out there. They want their ideas to be dominant and mainstream. There's a sense of safety and unity if the other side would "Just go away."

  10. How did we get social media, why are they worried about content that we talk about. Turn on the news and you will hear the biggest lies. They want to control info. That will never happen.

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