Kim Iversen: Joe Rogan BLASTS Fauci For FLIP-FLOPPING, Ruining Public Trust In Health Experts

Kim Iversen reacts to Joe Rogan’s comments on Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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  1. Magical like covid only comes out after dark, or you can't get it from protesting, also you can't get it from eating or drinking in a restaurant but you can walking to your table.

  2. Yes we can blame the scientist that is the liar Fauci because that is where the blame belongs. He’s a pathological liar for his own personal gain, he is more than accountable. He was an implementer and directly responsible for the virus through gain of function and then it was released onto the world. Why does this psychopath remain free and not behind bars? Ask yourself that and then understand that he is not alone in this crime.

  3. This is the same Kim that stated that covid will dissapear in the summer of 2020. She is nothing more than a charlatan. People are too gullible to her own uninformed stance on subjects yet speaking with authority.

  4. Making you anti mask, C vaccine, and lockdown makes you pro-virus? What an idiotic assumption. How about it makes you pro-health, pro-natural immunity (which stays so much longer but no one talked about it!) Pro-individual choice? Such an idiotic statement and it shows more about her inability to think critically than anything else.

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