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  1. Decent interview but this was sort of a softball interview and Sabby may have been starstruck. I can't believe after all the times I've heard Sabby rightfully point out Manchin is corrupted by his donors there was no push back when Kim said Joe is voting the way his constituents would want. Secondly, no push back on the policy of the Forward Party. How do you break that cycle without the people behind you and how do you get the people behind you without the policies. I don't think there will ever be a true disruption of the duopoly without massive grassroots movements. Wish her well in her next endeavor. Shame on Rising but I'm not surprised.

  2. Forward Party isn’t going to break up the 2 party duopoly when they’re soliciting money from the same people who already benefit from it. This is just a turd polishing rebranding of the status quo to distract people away from organizing along class lines.

  3. So I listened to the entire Kim Iversen interview before writing this comment so I am not strawmanning her. I must say I was somewhat surprised by her reasoning which was deeper than I would have thought. Her argument for why Leftists should consider supporting the Forward party is something I don't agree with at all.

    So while Kim admitted the Forward party might not have much in regards to policy for the Left the Forward party will make rank choice rank voting as part of it's policy platform and therefore goals. Kim's argument is that we should see the Forward as a bridge to building our 3rd parties.

    I don't buy that for the same reason why I don't buy it when the Dems put in something in their policy platform that their corporate agenda is CLEARLY at odds with. If the Forward party is going to be financed by corporate fundraising, just like with the Dems now, anything in their policy platform that goes against the agenda of their corporate donors will not be implemented.

    And there is simple no policy goal that more clearly goes against the corporate agenda of every single sector of our corporate oligarchy that has captured our government than rank choice voting. Thus the Forward party might very well put in rank choice voting into their policy platform there is no way they will follow through on that promise. The same reason why all the progressive policy in the Dem party platform is a JOKE is the same reason why the Forward party's promise to push rank choice voting is a JOKE.

    Kim might believe they mean it. But if you have ever spent any time considering the ramifications of the US being a corporate oligarchy disguised as a representative democracy with 2 major "parties" that function as fundraising corporations disguised as real political parties you shouldn't believe a word of it. A party that takes corporate money will not do a damn thing to push rank choice voting. It is simply how our system has devolved to work over the last 40 plus years that make it an impossibility.

  4. I used to watch Kim pretty regularly, even though I had some mild disagreements w/some of her points. Where she always loses me is the cringeworthy dismissiveness of racial oppression as “not important to Americans.”

    It’s a shitty take she’s continued to hold on to, despite all evidence to the contrary. I just feel she’s riding a very specific type of privilege as a member of the “model minority” group who has federal protection from acts of hate via the “Stop Asian Hate” law passed due to treatment during the early days of c19. Meanwhile, blacks still don’t have an “anti-black hate” law to protect us, specifically. Her obliviousness in white adjacency is just hard to stomach.

    That being said, I still stand behind her w/the free speech vs. defamation brouhaha with that TYT weasel Mike Figueredo and keeping to her principles w/ Rising and the Fauci interview debacle.

    One thing, tho:
    I think the FWP’s idea just misses the mark if they’re expecting actual Repbs and Dems to get in and buck their parties to bring down the duopoly.

    I think a better idea would be to have folks who’d normally run as 3rd party to register as Rs and Ds in order to win in those deep red/blue districts and then once in office, it should be easier to get those folks to caucus together on the FWP agenda of opening up elections to more parties and diminishing the duopoly. This should decrease the chances of defectors from the FWP’s plan.

  5. did it really make Krystal look bad
    most people who bring up anything are presumed to be Dore-ites
    and Secular talk regularly gets 50k views to 100k within the first day or two
    and as a long time subscriber i cant say ive seen that the few years prior

  6. Soros and the American oligarchs own all the u.s. corporate media and aren`t afraid of losing viewership or money, it`s about control and they own the country and the money! Americans are moving out to other countries and not by small amounts it`s growing! Like Americans, 70% of countries which is 85% of the worlds population are moving East towards China and Russia for Sovereignty, Peace, Prosperity and Security, FREEDOMS THAT DO NOT EXIST IN THE U.S. AT ALL! Because Americans have a VERY bad education they don`t realize the u.s., u.k.,and e.u. only represent 30% and whites 8-9% of the world, IT`S A MUCH MUCH BIGGER WORLD THAN THE u.s AND THEIR ALLIES! I have a friends niece that now lives in China, is going to a University and she does NOT want to come back to the u.s. bc their Freedoms are REAL and she LOVES the government as do the Chinese citizen! I forgot the company but it was reputable one, I believe I saw it on the Jimmy Dore Show also which asked citizens to rate their own countries on how free and happy they are and China voted #1 and Vietnam #2, I didn`t even bother to look past those 2 Communist governments that MANY Americans and their companies are moving to! I have spoken to Americans and Xpats and Vietnam is VERY popular as is China for happiness that DEFINITELY does not exist in the u.s. ,NO MATTER HOW MUCH RACISM AND SILLY LOW IQ PEOPLE`S IN THESE CULTURES THAT JUST HATE EACHOTHER BC OF HISTORY ( right Kim) WHICH PROVES MAN`S WEAKNESS AND THAT WEAKNESS LOOMS LARGE IN THE U.S. AND IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS! All this Human march of folly proves VERY much that god invented by man OBVIOUSLY DOESN`T EXIST AS WE WATCH MAN COMMITT EXTINCTION AND THAT`S COMMING SOON AND THERE ISN`T ANY MANMADE god THAT`S GOING TO SAVE ANYONE! George Carlin said something VERY profound and so true; 99% of all Species that ever existed on Earth have been naturally extinct and the same is true for man! We have quickened the process bc of our Fantasies of Fear( gods, religion, flags, patriotism, capitalism) which were created along with a bible for Human Security blankets that have NOTHING to do with reality and now will end life soon! Man has been on this planet for 200,000 years and his fear that should of been conquered only grew with the help of the bible! If the Human Species could of conquered it`s fears we could of lived on this REAL Heaven called Earth for at least a billion years or until an asteroid hits or the sun burns out but NO CHANCE NOW! MIT( you should know who they are but then again Americans couldn`t find their state on a u.s. map) began a study in 1973 about the Extinction of Man and about a year ago they stated the study is spot on. Conclusion; The Human Species will NOT survive past 2040, 19 years from now not to mention many Great Scientist like Dane Wigington that gives us 10! We deserve what we get and IT IS GOING TO END MUCH SOONER! Humans are ONLY a blimp in time and not important but could of been a part of Nature and lived well amongst our animals and land but man chose, money ,power, gods, corruption and it`s over! It`s SOOOOO embarrassing to be a u.s. citizen, what a corrupt clown show the u.s. has been for a long time! We are controlled by rich frat brat drama queens that are freaking out bc Russia and China are kicking our a$$es and deservedly so but it`s the u.s. citizen that are going to suffer along with their clown circus friends, u.k. and e.u. NOT RUSSIA AND CHINA AND THAT MEANS YOUR MANMADE god LOVES RUSSIA AND CHINA AND HATES THE u.s., u.k., and e.u. RIGHT?! What a silly world that will obviously not be around too much longer and that will be good for the universe, don`t you think?!!

  7. It still seems like there's no point to the Forward Party. They don't want to stand for anything except for the concept of third parties? Kim still didn't do a good job of explaining what the point of the Forward Party is. Seems like it's mostly there to make money for people who don't want to go thru the Democrat or Republican Parties to run for office. If they're still taking corporate money, then what's the point of them?

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