Kim Iversen: ‘Leftugees’ FLEE Blue States Amid HORRIBLE Dem Policies, DIRE Need For Self-Reflection

Kim Iversen breaks down liberal hypocrisy and the housing market.

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  1. Exactly..🤔 I'm single 15% of my paycheck goes to my taxes and anything else I purchase for my living needs gets 10% taken away so that's a whole quarter of my yearly earnings in taxes not to mention when I do my taxes and I get charged and rent seems to be taking the rest of my pay while I use credit cards to buy food gas and I keep amounting debt here in California understand this they have millions of dollars that they are holding on to through our state from our taxes and it's not being distributed because they haven't figured out a way to put it into their bank accounts and I am talking about our government and politicians which do the same thing with our federal taxes throughout the United States has anybody in America or especially here in California woken up about these politicians which are truly criminals that goes all the way up into our government to our counties cities and towns all a bunch of litigated criminals the American mafioso's criminal system

  2. KIM you have too run from these 2 GOONS!! THE little squeaky guy i can somewhat stomach, but that GRIMMY GUY hit the road you DEM. TOAD!!😡😠👎Those glasses must make him not see the TRUTHS on issue's… The problems with the left is they can never take responsibility for a FK-UP!! My toy and I'm not letting you play..

  3. The dem wants to create so many problems in the blue state and then they propose laws and changes so people can believe would fix the problems, but never get executed. The dem knows the chicken and eggs problem very well.

  4. No! There infecting the rest of our country. With the ideology of liberalism. We don't want your diseases spreading to Arizona and it already has. The political views of those that continue to vote to destroy California need to stay in California. You did this to yourselves

  5. Hey Ryan, when you adjust for age, Florida has had 'less' covid deaths per capita than New York. So no, you can't "point to people who have died in his state" as a counterpoint to anything.

  6. Lefties vote in these insane Democrats, then have the gall to move to red states when it all goes wrong. Stay home. Don't bring your liberal ideas to red states. Stay away.

  7. If you expect to get paid for chatting or gaming online you might be a leftist. That includes this channel with beta hair gel boys in business suits who don't do any real work in life. Or the excessive makeup women on any news outlet. Ya'll are worthless and would be better served leading the charge against lame aristocrat practices such as these fancy rich people clothes. And work real jobs so more people than yourself can prosper from productivity. News and opinions should not be paid because it creates nothing of value. It's just talking. Next thing ya know this channel will be owned by Pharma.

  8. We don't want Democrat fascists moving to Florida. Think about it before you come here you will not be welcome. You should stay in the s***** states that you've made for yourselves.

  9. Hypocrisy is right. They ruin their state with liberal ideas, they move out, and bring their liberal ideas with them to ruin our state. Liberals need to stay in their own blue states and suffer with the consequences of their influence.

  10. If it's true that lefties are fleeing the states they've destroyed in order to destroy more states … kind of like fungus spores leaving the decayed body … we're all in biiiig trouble.

  11. I live in California. The schools are funded the same per student no matter where you live. The money goes to Sacramento and back to the schools. Urban schools get extra funding for other things. So. It’s mostly equal here and poor schools get more funding……
    And they’re the worst schools in the western world.

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