Kim Iversen Live: Russia Announces Special Military Operation In Ukraine

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Great information Kim!!! I have learned a lot more from you than feo any other media source!!!
    Definitely, there won’t be any World war. It’s a hunch. But I think we are bullying Russia quite a bit. I know that Russia is doing their own stuff in other parts of the world. But, we have done worse things to other countries too. Look at the Beautiful mess we did to Ukraine!??! We are so hypocritical! It’s shameful!😢☹️

  2. IMO this is all theatre . Not that it’s not happening …. it’s just more chess pieces moved closer to checkmate from the worlds governments against their citizens . Geo-engineering , Covid , toxic food and water … all the major countries are in lockstep against us , pushing for technocratic totalitarianism .

  3. Sounds like you could really benefit from a producer or at least a production assistant, Kim. Didn't you used to have one? Did you lose him during your hiatus from youtube?

  4. I am endlessly disgusted with the amount of control Europe still allow the US to have over them. traditional Allies sure, trade, cooperation no problem but its utterly absurd the way Europe allows Washington to dictate to them even on regional issues where the US is whole Ocean away.

  5. It's about border security for Russia : Nato is pushing against Russias Western border cutting missile strike times into Russia. Russia exports gas to China a country of 1.4 billion people & is building more pipe lines to this country.

  6. If you listen to KGO radio AM locally in the San Francisco Bay Area or live stream around 3:00 pm, the host has to remind his callers that Biden Administration will not get involved in a war due to Russia's nuclear weapons. So, Kim doesn’t have to worry about that.

  7. The US has borrowed trillions. It's pay back time through huge military contracts as future collateral for endless currency printing. The elite can finance both sides of the war. Kim knows exactly how this will play out. She also plays chess with YouTube, to avoid being shut down!

  8. If the pipeline is the main issue here as you suggest, how is invading Ukraine going to help get the pipeline operational? It seems to me that invading Ukraine would be the last thing Russia would do because then there's no chance in hell Germany would approve the pipeline. I don't buy what you're selling.

  9. Kim is one of the all time greatest news sources around. She looks at all sides of an issue with a fair eye. She is very loved in this house hold… We need more Kim!!!

  10. This commentary is very good, except that it relies on two fundamental flaws: One – Russia does not need Nordstream 2 revenue. It did not even want to build it in the first place, but was talked into it by Angele Merkel and Co. It's Germany that desperately needs N2 to remain even remotely competitive.
    Two – Kim keeps parrotting the West's MSM propaganda word 'invasion' to describe Russia's actions re the Donbass and claims she is surprised at this turn of events. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and The Red Cross are reporting extensive shelling and sniper firing of the Donbass from the Ukraine side and thousands of refugees are fleeing the Donbass into Russia. As Russia cannot be manipulated over Nordstream 2, it's no surprise at all that it has chosen to intervene in the Donbass.

  11. IF the war players in the Pentagon have smart policies they say cut ties with China. PAy the tole fee to American special interests as Ukraine tax for the pipelines. But thats just me. Don't worry Kim no WW III. The costs to human lives over a pipeline not worth it. Besides Joe Biden needs a second term plus the midterm elections are coming soon.

  12. Putin has been pushed into this, he's way more intelligent than most leaders. Our psychotic need to side up with USA (I mean EU) in all their mad warmongering will mean that, whatever happens now, we are going to pay a very high price for a very long time, and not just in gas prices. Breaking relationships with Russia as a good neighbor is going to go a long way in future.

  13. I don't know here… is it just about the pipelines? I can't help but wonder what the US would do if say China or Russia started piling up weapons on our southern board with Mexico?

  14. "Russia has been an ally". BS pure and simple. Even when they signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact? You do not know or understand history. Russia has always been its own ally.

    You actually got it all backwards, becoming yet another US source spreading misinformation about Russia and Europe.
    Western Europe has encouraged Russia to become a peaceful business partner for three decades. The most extreme example being Germany agreeing to letting Russia guarantee 80% of their energy needs.
    Russia is however a very different country from the rest of Europe.
    Their geopolitical needs and goals are at odds with peaceful coexistence with its neighbours. This is because of Russia's size, geography and topography. This can not be changed.
    Thus they could not abstain from using energy and Nordstream to get leverage.
    And this is what finally became intolerable. Germany can obviously not be dependent for their energy needs on a country willing to break any treaty and invade their neighbours.
    Do not lay the blame anywhere else.
    Now Putin will have to be stopped, even if the price will be high. As the price for letting this pass would be much higher.
    The West have for a long time been more worried about post Putin instability that about Putin himself.
    This has now changed and we need a new doctrine.

  15. With your reasoning, that cancelling Nordstream pushed Russia into war.
    What do you think will be the Russian response to being thrown out of the international banking system?
    Which is what is going to happen next.

  16. You are so close of the problem I think…after pandemic measures to control has to be continued…The menace of a war gives them the right to implant emergency acts. And everybody will be controled. End of democraty.declared

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