Kim Iversen: MANDATES And Big Tech Surveillance Inching U.S. Closer To Dystopian CHINA

Kim Iversen compares vaccine mandates to the social credit system in China.

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  1. This is exactly what 1984 warned us about. We are seeing it in real time in China. And this for sure is coming to the US. This comment will go against my future credit score.

  2. The United States does not have a "left party." And the last liberal democrat was Jimmy Carter. I would actually say the Democrats are anti-liberals, which of course is also known as fascists

  3. In China, social credit is used to limit the wealthy and powerful. They limit wealthy from having luxuries like first class flights and train rides. Also their police don't shoot their citizens.
    Here it's only going to be used to whip the working class wage slaves.

  4. It's funny how she used a social credit system in China that punishes people socially to compare with an American financial credit system that punishes people by determining who gets basic human needs and who doesn't.

  5. We look at prehistoric Egyptian culture as primitive, when in reality, it's more sophisticated than today.
    Many languages, particularly the English language is obsolete when compared to ancients like the Egyptian.
    They used pictures that told stories of greater proportion, not easily summed up in few words.
    We should consider much of that as we continue modernization because using our current systems makes it impossible to properly transfer information in timely and efficient manner.

    Chinese have more sophisticated systems that allows them to operate on higher levels.. Being able to absorb, process and distribute data faster than everyone else, is 21st century gold

  6. Wow. She nailed it! I don't know how she managed to elude or dodge the wrath of corporatocracy so far but kudos to her for her courage and insightful reporting!.

  7. I always try to keep an open mind, seeing what is being silenced and what is accepted is becoming more defined. It’s almost unacceptable to literally have reasonable questions anymore

  8. God – We need this over here in the USA, China has it right? I find that most of my stress comes from people's ignorance and selfishness mice my stress levels would be so much better it's better Is better with China system?