Kim Iversen: Marine JAILED While Generals Play BLAME GAME, Take No Accountability

Kim Iversen reacts to Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s detention in military brig.

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  1. What id sick is this guy is playing a larger political grift because you can just imagine once he's out he's going to be in office of some sort and that is what it's all about.

  2. Nobody told him to give a Code Red. This was something he could have done after he retired or resigned his commission. He will be convicted on all counts and get 1 year confinement maximum and a dishonorable discharge. After that he will move on to Fox as their go to guy for as their senior military analyst.

  3. Bolsheviks weren't revolutionary, in the sense of being the first, in this instance. During the Civil War (fertile ground for racist [I mean rabid; darned AutoKorrekt] Cancer Culturists), officers were often selected and elected by the enlisted men ~ on both sides of the divide.

  4. I thought Ryan provided some important points about maintaining chain-of-command and not promoting mutiny within the military the last time Kim brought up this marine. It appears that Kim chose to not factor in any of those considerations and again choses to promote a perspective that is largely anti-miliatry. Ryan is again called upon to provide the voice of reason, share some fuller context, and rein in some of her exuberance.

  5. 90% of the Republican party needs to resign.. Not generals and Joe Biden. They were mindless goons pushing Trump to negotiate with the Taliban to create instability failure with the Biden administration.. They want to run the nation into the ground and convince people to go against those trying to keep it up. Once America is done, their hope is for more power and wealth from the broken pieces they collect.. They don't want America winning, they want it destroyed and salvaged in controllable parts.

  6. Did you expect anything other than that from the top brass? That's how and what our country was built on. It's the glue that keeps us running. It's not a bug it's the feature

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