Kim Iversen: Media COVERUP Of Hunter Biden THREATENS Democracy, Joe Biden Trading DUTY For LOVE?

Kim Iversen breaks down new reporting from Business Insider tying more corrupt dealings to Hunter and Joe Biden.

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  1. We,the People, lost actually the day the Berlin wall fell. It left America without the Evil to fight against,meantime the Marxist ideology flooded western hemisphere . Generation of the brainwashed through our college system Marxists shifted the election to the disastrous results we ,the People,see now. Obvious election fraud supported by the media is another example that this, once to be the beacon of Democracy, is nothing more ,than the beacon of Hypocrisy.

  2. I think Pres. Biden favors his family. Most of us do. But nepotism and cronyism are dangers to a democratic society. I also believe that the abrupt Afghanistan withdrawal was based in grief for his elder son as well as his "God protect our troops" at the end of every speech. This is human nature.

  3. Your description of Donald Trump is false. This repeated smear just confirms that The Hill is part of the slimy misinformation propagandist Fake News Media that have destroyed America.

  4. Joe has a special relationship with his son that no other father has with their sons. That's why Joe is not bothered by the deaths of many fathers, sons, daughters and others killed by policies he helped create.

  5. Hello… Oligarchic takeover. Censorship, fraudulent elections and taking away all our rights…if that's not communism… I don't know what is. The Biden family is massively corrupt and Joe is a pawn of the communists…

  6. Reminds me of dystopia movies where one brave person locks themselves in a radio broadcasting booth and screams the truth about the government to anyone that can hear them, while the govt agents are trying to break down the door to drag them away….

  7. this is such obvious bias. this is not journalism, this is clearly biased propaganda about a person who has no connection to the government, but lets pretend he does. yes lets investigate hunter biden, sure. oh wait, theres nothing to investigate? oh lets just compare it to north korea anyway. lets not talk about how ivanka and jared made half a billion dollars serving in the white house while never having a security clearance, but thats fine.

  8. To The Hill; please stop with this Democracy mess. We the USA is not, nor has it Ever been a Democracy. Nowhere in The Constitution of the United States will you find the word. We live in a Republic.
    I do agree that Hunter Biden and the rest of that mess of a family should all be in jail.

  9. Maybe you should have followed up on Joe’s statement “The Democratic Party has created the greatest voter fraud organization in history” … not to prevent voter fraud, but to cover it up.

  10. “Hunter wasn’t hired”, and “the lobbying of Joe Biden never came to pass”. How exactly is this an example of the media burying story about Biden’s corruption? There was no corruption. There was no story.

    They want misleading stories without facts so that the public can form a negative opinion of Biden, even when nothing wrong occurred. Kim wants there to be outrage when there is no cause to be outraged merely because she doesn’t like Biden.

    This piece is pathetic.

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