Kim Iversen: MSM Fact Checkers Hilariously Claim Hunter Biden Stories Are NOT Suppressed

Kim Iversen breaks down a fact check on whether or not Google suppressed the latest Hunter Biden story.

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  1. Sorry, Briahna, but you are wrong.
    The laptop proves Joe Biden is intimately involved in and benefiting from his son's illegal influence peddling to foreign countries… And that Joe Biden has repeatedly lied about it. He is not only aware, he's involved and being enriched by Hunter's web of illegal business dealings.
    The salacious… and often illegal… part of the story is just a distraction. Photos and videos of Hunter doing illegal drugs and compromised by his involvement with Russian prostitutes.
    You cannot dismiss the enormity of what we have learned or confirmed thanks to the laptop, as much as Google would like us to ignore our lyin' eyes.
    Kim, You might try conducting those searches using something other than Google… Maybe Duck Duck Go?

  2. "…restore confidence…" Why would anyone think that the ruling class is interested in restoring confidence? It seems pretty evident that our overlords could care less about such things. They do not require confidence. They simply demand our obedience and will do anything necessary to enforce it.

  3. Nothing is going to happen to this guy. The people in power intend to stay there, they will not be answering to anyone for their crimes. So who cares what they do.

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