Kim Iversen: NEW Novavax Vaccine Could Be The Answer To Jab Hesitancy

Kim Iversen details the new Novavax COVID-19 vaccine anticipated to hit the market soon.

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  1. At this point, with all the deceit, misinformation, censorship, etc, from CDC, fda, WHO, big pharma, MSM, and the government, how can anyone trust what is in that needle when they put it in your arm???? ZERO TRUST. How would anyone know for sure if the one they give you is not mRNA? They have done "bait and switches" before!

  2. I have few questions:

    “• Why did the National Institute of Health and Moderna enter into an agreement in 2019 to co-develop Coronavirus vaccines before the identification and spread of COVID-19?

    • Why are masks required when the size of Coronavirus particles (less than 0.3 microns) are smaller than most masks can filter, including surgical masks?

    • Why won’t the COVID-19 vaccine producers reveal the entire list of contents in the vaccines?

    •Why are many governments around the world pushing the COVID-19 vaccine for children when children’s recovery rate from COVID-19 is 99.99%?

    • Why was the COVID-19 vaccine patented four months prior to the World Health Organization declaring a global pandemic?

    • Why was the Pfizer vaccine approved by the FDA in 8 months when the FDA approval process typically takes 5-15 years?

    • Why are vaccinated individuals experiencing adverse symptoms and injuries such as severe skin rashes, peeling skin, seizures, neurological damage, myocarditis, blood clots, brain damage, blindness, deafness, sleep disorders, memory problems, miscarriages, cancer, paralysis, autoimmune disorders, coma and death?

    • Why are individuals vaccinated with the COVID-19 injection developing Antibody Dependent Enhancement (increased symptoms when exposed to a mutated strain of COVID-19 or similar virus)?

    • Why are Coronavirus spike proteins generated by the mRNA biotechnology in the vaccines damaging blood vessels and causing blood clots?

    • Do the materials in the COVID 19 injections remain isolated at the injection site or do they travel throughout the body, including the brain?

    • What is the benefit of children being vaccinated with the COVID19 injection?

    • What is the potential harm of children being vaccinated with the COVID 19 injection?

    • Why are COVID 19 vaccine makers immune from lawsuits?

    • What is the difference between a vaccine and the COVID 19 injection?

    • Has mRNA technology ever been approved for any drug or vaccine use prior to the COVID 19 pandemic?

    • Has mRNA technology used in the COVID 19 vaccine ever been tested on humans prior to COVID 19?

    • How did animals tested with mRNA technology respond to the COVID 19 vaccine during trials?

    • Does the inventor of mRNA technology support the vaccine?

    • What is the recovery rate from COVID 19 in children?

    • Are children more likely to die from Influenza or COVID 19?

    • What is the recovery rate from COVID 19 in adults under 65?

    • How long does the FDA drug approval process typically take?

    • What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement?”

  3. I don't see why we can't get any drugs we like from any country these days. If its available in another country for sale you should be allowed to get it delivered.

  4. I want the stock holdings of all public officials to be made public information now and moving forward. I deserve to know what politicians buy and when they do it. Show me your not corrupt.

    I want special liability protection removed for vaccine manufacturers.

    I want the vaccine injury compensation programs here to not hassle those injured and to compensate them for their injuries.

    I want aspersion to become standard practice when administering vaccines.

    I want the story of those negatively effected by a vaccine to stop being suppressed.

    We deserve full unfiltered information. I would bet most would get vaccinated if the government was straightforward from the beginning.

  5. No thanks. I don't care what the government, big pharma, and the ignorant Fauci types have to say about natural immunity. I have it and don't need no stinking vaccine. I am willing to donate my jabs (plus boosters) to the sheeple out there.

  6. Good job, Kim Iversen. Do mainstream news media present anything like this content? I haven't seen it. MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc, present carefully carved 10 second sound bites, and no real detail.

  7. Yes, Novavax is a step in the right direction. I would definitely prefer to take Novavax than the mRNA or viral vector vaccines. But there are even better vaccines in development. Codagenix is the furthest along with a live attenuated vaccine which would be my ideal choice.
    But it might be all for not, because Omicron could be the best vaccine of all. Effectively it could be a natural live attenuated vaccine. In other words a version of the virus that only causes mild symptoms and imparts natural immunity to the infected person.

  8. The "problem" with Novavax is that you have to have 3 shots!!! (I actually was considering this option – if I ran out of options) But the 2 shot (let alone 3 shots) – put that out of the question! Natural Immunity should be enough.

  9. we won't get out of this pandemic until many vaccinate, but i guess many don't care about us getting out of this. i feel like if we end up in another lockdown, people MIGHT take this more seriously.

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