Kim Iversen: Newsom’s ‘Virtue Signal’ Mandates, Israel Cases SPIKE As Country REQUIRES 3rd Jab

Kim Iversen reacts to the mandates Governor Gavin Newsom issued immediately after defeating a recall election.

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  1. Can’t believe you are still pushing the government narrative of fear based propaganda. Those that have a natural amenities is far away better then any vaccine. The vaccine clearly doesn’t work. 91 plus percent of persons have not tested positive for covid. 99.5% have NOT been hospitalized because of covid, 99.8% have not died because of covid (these numbers are out the the Washington state governor office) yet Ryan the drone keeps spouting mis-information that the vaccine while it doesn’t protect you from anything but its supposed makes the virus less deadly. Where is that data? It simply isn’t there. Most of the death that have occurred are from the vaccinated and they are the ones spreading the mutations. Science should be used to understand, explain and advance out the world. Every single time man has tried to fix the world they end up fu**ing it up as in the case of the start and spread of covid in the first place.

  2. Dr. Fauci, the father of misinformation says the vaccinated can still get and spread the virus, so they can’t use this excuse anymore. The new excuse people are spouting these days — less deaths and hospitalization. Fear-mongering CNN says you’re likely to die from the virus 25x more if you’re unvaccinated, but they leave out the part that it’s 99.99% for the vaccinated, and 99.97% for the unvaccinated (negligible difference). They just used a .025 multiplier to come up with their deceptive number of 25x. Question: What are the chances somebody with covid must be hospitalized? A poll published by the New York Times says 41% of Democrats think it’s 50% or more (another 28% thinks it’s 20% to 49%), but in reality only 1% gets hospitalized. No wonder we have lots of crazy Karens and Darens out there. Stop watching fear-mongering fake news like CNN and MSNBC.

  3. Why does Ryan keep insisting that the vaccine helps keep you from getting a bad case of Covid when 80% doesn’t even get any symptoms off the bat. Only 1% needs hospitalization. Fear-mongering at best.

  4. Say Kim, how many Vaccines will you get and other guests on your show?! Goveror Galvin is playing God for how long? He signed a bill for billion dollar clean up just NOTHING for better housing , jobs, or resources or homeless care! Instead Mandates are FORCED upon Citizens with LESS Freedoms ! This is NO longer America! It is a Fascist place only..

  5. maybe instead of coming out with "quick fixes" that fail over and over,
    if more individuals looked after their bodies like a temple rather than luggage at the airport
    these viruses wouldn't be such a concern!!!

  6. So if I’m understanding correctly, natural immunity God given, got kicked out the ball park for vax immunity that challenges your immunity and the ONLY recourse is a lifetime of vax and boosters continuing to boost the wealth of big pharma for the REST of ones life. That the Gov has pushed for it, gave billions for it which a high % of congress profited from invested stocks and also released themselves from mandates that would have them with a lifetime of vax. Now is that what’s being said?

  7. If you have to take a third jab for covid-19 that's saying that the first two didn't work why would you take a third . They say hospitals are overwhelmed with covid-19 patients only because no staff people are quitting because they're being forced to put something in their body that they don't want.

  8. It's up to Hill to stop Ryan's emotional outbursts and disruptive interruptions of Kim Iversen. When she rebuts that SCIENCE data PROVES contrary that the vaccination is NOT working Robbie or Ryan unethically Cut Her Off 🤔this should not be allowed IF THE HILL is credible

  9. THATS why we love kim! She follows the science, stands her ground and doesn't sugarcoat anything even if people disagree with the science…Facts!! This isn't exactly how my conversations are not soundly BBQs because everybody is exclusively restricted to mainstream media and believe everything that does not logically add up or make sense. Love how you handled that!

  10. Why does he keep wanting to hold on to this false sense of hope and realize the new data is telling us different. Give it up man and let her explain wha it’s really happening out there.

  11. When Newsom resurfaced, and decided to arrogantly brag about his buddies buying up thousands of foreclosed apartments… I knew what all of the mandates are about! This is all about Big Pharma, stealing and pocketing cash and killing the country's economy! Brandon, Pelosi, Harris, New some and the rest don't care about killing the country, they're filling their pockets so that no matter the damage, they'll fly to countries with no extradition treaties and basque in the Sun!

  12. Yes, the vaccines work…they destroy your immune system and set you up to become more susceptible to cancers and other health issues! Their doing everything Fauci and Gates expected…only… not fast enough!

  13. There are still so many unanswered questions about the initial vaccines, and I would hardly think formulating another vaccine off of the already failing vaccines makes no sense. Like the doctors said, vaccinate the eldest and physically weak, and leave the rest. Promote healthy living, use Ivermectin, vitamin D, K , Magnesium and Zinc, and call it a fkn day!

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