Kim Iversen: No FLUB— Biden AGAIN Calls For Putin REGIME CHANGE, Provokes Another FOREVER WAR?

Kim Iversen makes the case for prioritizing peace talks to end the war in Ukraine.

President Joe Biden arrives at Fort Lesley J. McNair, Monday, April 4, 2022, as he returns to Washington and the White House after spending the weekend in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

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  1. Kim you are right do not listen to these 2, what you are covering is right. Ukraine is holding talks but in bad faith. As prolonged conflict is good for president of Ukraine not the Ukrainian people.

  2. It seems like Kim got emotionally affected with some war footage she watched last night, so she mixed it with Biden's muddled, not very aggressive comment, the fact that the US is giving Ukraine arms the mass grave story, and mixed it all together into this almost incoherent speech about how Ukraine should try to negotiate (they are) and maybe surrender. This is a total mess of scattered ideas and a pretty silly conclusion that somehow doesn't take nuclear weapons into account.

  3. Our survival as a nation state is only due to the Russians desire not to go to a nuclear war. Once they change that,run. Biden's mouth is quickly making that change more likely.

  4. Peaceful. They are killing people and you keep telling them to go beg their oppressors for peace? Ukrainians dont want to give them their land, and russia wont settle for less. You are saying to let the bully pick on others, take what they want, and the victim just has to turn another cheek. Thats encouraging him to do it more, because he gets what he wants. No one wants war or death, but russia started it and ukraine shouldnt be the ones ready to settle.

  5. As usual Kim is right and war is just wrong, no matter how you slice it. Fighting a war is just insane, just because a couple of politicians disagree, and harming the general population who suffer because of it. Great leaders solve issues diplomatically, and keeping their citizens safe.

  6. Well, I remember that before the military confrontation started Russia had fairly reasonable demands – written guarantees that Ukraine will never join NATO and signing the Minsk agreement to that the two regions in the east of the country get some autonomy. All of that destruction and death could have been avoided if the ruling in Kiev had agreed. Now one might ask why should they agree? Because they already knew that NATO membership is a not a realistic goal, NATO told them as much – you'll not become a member of NATO but publicly we'll keep the door open (which by itself seems a rather strange policy). It was also quite clear that Russia will react if those conditions were not met. Now it has also become known that Zelensky refused a last minute offer from the German chancellor Olaf Scholz to accept neutrality for Ukraine and a security guarantee signed by the US and Russia. With hostilities in full swing now, Russian demands have increased and as time goes by they will increase further and further to the point of Ukraine potentially ceasing to exist as a country or being severely deprived of territory. I don't see the Russians retreating any time soon. Anyone who is familiar with how things got to that point and is honest with themselves knows that we played a major role in bringing about that conflict. Russians have been warning us for decades about their red lines, especially Ukraine but no one listened.

  7. What is the point of all this? To keep Ukraine as a plaything, where the USA/NATO can play war, launder money, sell arms, get Ukraine into even more Western debt, and destabilize Russia. The millions displaced and thousands of dead are not important. To our Masters, they are the NPCs.

  8. In a nuclear weapons exchange in war, the West has a lot more to lose than Russia. The Russians are a lot more prepared for such an event. Biden and the other clowns in D.C. are playing a very dangerous game with the potential to do great damage to the West.

  9. Have to give Biden and the Democrats credit, it only took them a year to help start a new war. Does anyone remember the good old days of President Trump, who during his 4 years did not involve the USA in any new wars? But Trump said 'bad' words on Twitter, so he had to go, right? Oh, and during Trump the USA was energy independent. Now we have gas approaching $7/gallon. Go Biden!!

  10. Ukraine can not win….. Negotiating is needed… But the US NATO want a long war = $ Profit for the military industrial complex $$$$$$$$$ , while Ukraine goes into deep debt….

  11. I just want to add my two cents that I find so many points on both sides of this discussion very valid.

    This is a tough situation that is not a math problem with an easy answer.

    If more people were having discussions like this then maybe it would progress towards a better result.

  12. Well, firstly I would like to print that I'm glad you're back, thought honestly I didn't know you'd all been suspended, or was the show suspended? Anyway, I must say that I enjoy "The Hill" . This is exactly what motivates people. This is how one gets the faint whiff of the spirit of the constitution , one of the greatest documents in history, designed to give the average person the ability to bring to effect. To have a personal stake in the events of the world. It holds each individual responsible for one's conduct in "Peace and War". This negates the all too familiar "i was only obeying orders" defense so often given by the guilty. 200 yrs ago this mostly meant local affairs, but as the country and the world becomes smaller, more intimate we can now see how over the generations how if one is not "educated" on the subject one is easily misled. We live in the consequences of decisions made by our forefathers. Our grandchildren will live in the consequences of ours. One seeks by nature "simple solutions" to perceived problems. One seeks solutions based on the premise that one sees, recognizes "a problem". How could our forefathers have foreseen what the future would hold. Our "expansionists' policies" were a result the false interpretation of the "manifest destiny" doctrine. There was a "manifest destiny" for America but by not understanding that it was the "spirit of America" thru which this was to be accomplished not by the "economic power or military might" of America. As a result America has become something else, ever more dependent on our military and economics to control that which is not "ours". She has become exactly what she wanted independence from. There are many facets to our problems so "simple" solutions are no longer viable. By trying to wrap up the world for our own good we have become wrapped up in all the local problems of the world. By waving our flag of simple solutions we did not see or perhaps we didn't care to see the effect this would have upon our future. We were greedy for success and wealth so they became our "spirit" which we spread across the face of the earth. So we have traded the "real" for the "false". I say all that to say this. If "we, the people" do not have our "eyes' (like The Hill) opened by hearing/seeing all things connected to the subject how will we answer. We are the only country governed in such a way as to make those governed responsible for the actions of it's government/country. Again , we need all voices/sides to be heard/seen so that we, like any good judge, may know all so to make a true/good choice/decision that leaves us with a clean conscience towards "man and God". Please keep up the good fight. A clean conscience leaves a clear mind with no agenda of it's own. Again thank you…

  13. Joe Biden is willing to fight to the very last Ukrainian. The military industrial complex demands nothing less. Everyone knew what would prevent this incursion in the first place, but that's just not profitable. We're not in Afghanistan anymore, which means there must be war somewhere & Ukraine drew the short straw. Twas ever thus.

  14. Ukrainian soldiers that don't die, surrender at this moment. So Ukraine will loose, if not already lost, so Kim is right, Elensky, between 2 lines, should surrender. But he is the elected president, so he knows better.

  15. Robby and Ryan are spinning hard to justify NATO strategy while Kim is talking sense with the right dollops of questions centered on overall global interest, not just narrowly defined current US state department policy.

    And Robby, in global realpolitik there are NO this HAS to happen. Ot anymore after Afghanistan. There just is what is, while idealism is a surefire way to continued armageddon. Guess who is actually paying the price? Ukrainians.

    Guerilla action can keep Russians bogged down while Ukrainian infra and civilians are flattened. There is NO WIN here for Ukraine.

  16. What about the war crime that the satanic heads in the US has done in Syria the hundreds of unnecessary killings of the no normal people what about that what about the killings in south America and those that is in the carried beyond the satanic media like YouTube has to be dismantled because of truth

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