Kim Iversen: Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid

Kim Iversen makes the case that the U.S. should learn to live with COVID-19 as an ever-present endemic disease.

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  1. AT LAST ! ! ! ! Thank The Gods ! ! Treat it for what it is – A mild disease. Remember 10,000s of people die of Flu every year and we don't close down the planet for that. So much suffering, infinite more suffering than covid-19. " THE CURE HAS KILLED MORE THAN THE DISEASE "

  2. 8:35 Sorry, wrong info: In France children above 6 years old are obliged to wear masks since school had reopend after the first lock down in 2020 and after a short break without this obligation they have to wear it again since two weeks today.

  3. This video is BS! The restrictions were lifted in Norway because there was a change in government after the election…so the out going government decided to lift all restrictions as a last act!! Also Norway still has a travel ban for EU and USA tourists!! The new government said this week they will reimpose restrictions if cases continue to rise!! So this video is out of context!!

  4. Even if you open up and get rid of all restrictions right now someone must be punished for these damaging, inhumane lock downs. And i'm sorry Boris "I was just doing my job" won't cut it, you'll be going to prison for a long time old chum.

  5. Its not difficult to do the math on the numbers regarding vaccinations and increased cases…the spread comes through hosts, with are the people getting vaccinated. That is what the data suggests and the crumbling narrative denying the facts however its too late, people are waking up

  6. Check the UK gov published stats.
    Infections and severe illness of fully vaxxed exceeds that if Unvaxxed
    3 months and efficacy has depleted FDA
    Recommends boosters but WHO says no
    Boosters are still experimental and vaccines destroy natural immunity.
    Ivermectin should be administered by doctors.
    The best is disinfect hands after supermarket trolley and petrol bowsers
    Wear a mask if you want and restrict access to crowds .
    Keep stress down and demand that Government and media stop the dear
    Normalise life and back to work so everyone can pay bills.
    Stress reduces immunity

    Ear healthy food and keep vitamin D levels very high and take vitamin K so that Vit. d stays in the bones and not the blood.
    Other vitamins and minerals should be taken. …do your own research because the health department is myopically focused on faulty vaccines.
    The best immunity is strong natural immunity

    I think inhaling and drinking baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) are the best possible alternative ways we should go through right now for the sake of overcoming this unfortunate catastrophe.We know that the Corona viruses are also capable of affecting our nervous system as well. And because of that very reason it might take little time more longer for our body to examine these lethal viruses efficiently in order to produce our own antibodies to eradicate them permanently. So strategically the main basic objectives are to slightly create the alkaline environment inside our body just to keep those colonized viruses weak and unhealthy for a short interval of time. And by means of this we could also minimize the risk of harming our vital organs as well from them. After then we should have enough courage and patient to wait until our antibodies are well developed for the final sterilization process. Moreover, consult with your doctors and take some analgesic and antibiotic drugs as well for the headache, fever or any other kind of acute or chronic diseases.

  8. I called that 6 months ago: vax or no vax, coV is not going anywhere, we must learn to live with it and boost our immune system with proper lifestyle choices and using common sense after infection, just like the flu and other infectious diseases.

  9. Denmark is back on track with Covid passports, and blaming the unvaccinated. They didn't fix the nurse staff situation; low pay and long hours. Now that winter is coming, and more people get sick, Covid and normal flu. So now they have the problem, and they blame the unvaxxed. About 77 percent is fully vaccinated. At this point in time, Covid has less deaths in total, than deaths caused by mental health annually. Not to mention cancer deaths, but do they mention that? No.

  10. If I put MY health in the hands of doctors and the government I wouldn't be alive today. as an individual you and you only are responsible for making healthy choices. don't give up your power to some one else.

  11. This is great! And we really need to highlight just how dangerous these vaccines are. We also need to highlight the great capacity of the human body to deal with viruses! Natural immunity is the best way to deal with viruses, but it does take attention to be healthy!

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