Kim Iversen: NYC Prepares Residents For NUCLEAR ATTACK In New PSA

Kim Iversen argues that the fact that New York City released on what to do if there is a nuclear attack shows there needs to be a wakeup call on how Washington is handling the War in Ukraine.

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  1. it will only head that direction if US intervene or Ukraine hit a major city in russia, then russia hits back at the nato and US gernals in Ukraine. also the US has it hands full with a possible hot conflict with china.

  2. They missed that there was an entire cottage industry, thanks to a New Deal era program, that actually laid a lot of these things out. Talk to anyone 60 and older (or close to it) who has had to do the "hide under desks" drill or remembers the nuclear fallout spaces when they were in fashion and you'll probably get some flavor of these questions being answered. But you do have to go out there for information on this type of stuff.

  3. Step 1 get inside… Ok! step 2 stay away from door ways and windows… Ok! Step 3 shut all doors and windows… 🤔 But I thought I was supposed to stay away from door ways and windows…. Step 4 none of this matters because modern nuclear blasts would annihilate any building you are inside of.

  4. Thanks!
    Kim, I need a good 5 x7 picture of you to have in my safest area, because you are a comfort on so many levels but also just the basic level of a smart beautiful woman to see one last time before the hard part.
    Thank you, Dream Girl.

  5. So, you are NOT all 100% on board regarding being target for Russian nuclear missiles? Not even for the sake of Ukrainian people? You do know your govern would nuke Russia too, of course. Is not as if US would lose! At least as many non-combatant elderly people, children , etc, will die up there as in your country. Vengeance is all but guaranteed! Glorious Tie! Still don't see the appeal?

    Odd. Our journalists here in Brazil seem to believe that average people in your nation are way happier with this prospect than you give me the impression to be when I listen you talking.

  6. If you were an American, living in the USA, attacked by an a-bomb and had to hide in a basement for a month, that means the end of the world.
    Because in that case, very surely the US government would have started counter attack by launching thousands of ICBMs or whatever.
    The other side(China or Russia)would have done exactly same thing.
    That means the end of the world.

  7. If I wanted to destabilize the USA even further, this would be a perfect way, by demolishing its financial center. Then institute that Fedcoin. They will blame Putin, but we already know this would be an inside job, all the way, in collab w/the WEF. Their AGENDA is failing. So now, election interference, famine & nuclear war. We will have to rebirth this Nation anew!

  8. I highly doubt that anyone in NYC during a nuclear attack is gonna be telling themself "I got this… I watched the government's one minute video about how to get this." America should do anything in the world to prevent getting into a conflict with another country that leads to nuclear war or any kind of war.

  9. You’ve got this? Are they f’in kidding me? Where do I start with this one? I hope I am in the blast radius, and get vaporized, for the rest of you good luck. So that is how the Cold War will come back, with a bu(($h!+ PSA? Duck and cover was less ridiculous than this. You’ve got this? Sorry they did not get us in the 60’s or the 80’s.

  10. During hurricanes people are told to leave. If they don’t leave, they are told to get a marker to put their names address or S.S number on your body.
    However, I’ve heard in the past FEMA told people to keep on hand, large plastic tarps and heavy duty tape. Enough water for each person living at your address.

  11. This is good information? Kim are you kidding me? Get inside, don’t stay in your car, stay away from the windows, stay informed? There is going to be food water communications? IN NYC? Be serious.

  12. This is so ridiculous. Humanity will not survive a nuclear war. If Kim had any revolutionary consciousness at all, she wouldn't be talking this nonsense. Instead, she would be talking about how the working class of the world can overthrow this rotting capitalist system that is suicidal. DISLIKE.

  13. OK, first question, why is this happening now, and given the fact that no one can trust the media, are they going to tell us the truth? Answer no, good luck everyone, hope you get caught in the 💥 because otherwise you will be eating maggot infested rotting corpses within a week.

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