Kim Iversen: Omicron PANIC Overblown? South Africa Treated As A PARIAH In Wake Of New Variant

Kim Ivsersen gives her take on the emerging Omicron variant.

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  1. You’re better than this Kim.
    The reason that Africa has the same levels as, say……..China has two very clear explanations:
    1. They are NOT testing and people are dying of things like ‘Old Age’ and ‘Congestive heart failure’ and ‘the Flu’ like they have been doing for thousands of years
    2. They are just not reporting the numbers. Do you REALLY think that China ‘beat’ COVID and had “Zero” cases in April of last year? One of the most populous locations in the world, the start point (for whatever reason) and it just disappeared……. It MIGHT be that they just don’t want to deal with it……..

  2. Black country, has the least people, sick with the, I called, the bill gate virus, not China, not anybody else, this attempt against the world is obviously done by a knowledgeable mind, capable of computing and creating a way to affect the whole word into chaos, with an alternated global objective.

  3. If Omicron is less virulent than other variants the justification for vaccines is lower. Governments and media however keep pushing the vaccines which have been proven to not be safe. I will take my chances with the virus.

  4. its amazing how much a cult-like mentality the people have on this channel. you seem to be naturally very predisposed towards it. its like you literally worship the people you follow, praising everything about them incessantly, agreeing with everything they say, and upvoting comments about only wanting to hear from that person and no one else.

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