Kim Iversen on COVID Misinformation

In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL #244, journalist and Rising co-host Kim Iversen shares her thoughts on misinformation surrounding COVID-19, the vaccine, and ivermectin.

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. You guys are still ignoring the officials stats re the death rates.
    IF there was a pandemic it would show the regular death rates of a region, PLUS hundreds of thousands MORE from the virus.
    This virus has over a 99.9 % survival rate in the United States, UK, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, ITALY, BELGIUM.
    Please look back at the WHO archives from 2009 and you'll learn
    that they changed the requirements to declare a Pandemic. From
    "Enormous amount of deaths and hospitalization " to zero deaths and hospitalization. Only that a virus has crossed a border.
    So just look at the death rates. While they're claiming just about any death as a Covid death, the RATE OF MORBIDITY IS AT NORMAL LEVELS.

  2. I don’t for one second think that Kim believes that c19/sars cov 2 exist or it ever has. I think she is 100 percent lying to everyone who is watching/listening. If i am wrong that means Kim is totally brainwashed.

  3. Perhaps a bit of common sense could work for ordinary PPL, if Vaccines worked for coronaviruses we woulda had one for the common cold but coronaviruses mutate so much a vaccine is always chasing the mutations.

  4. The biggest lie is that this virus is a concern for Healthy people. There was no need for all this nonsense, but of course it was never about a virus nor protecting the at risk..

    In the US the death rate for under 50 is same as for traffic accidents. This includes the high risk people. For the healthy you can cut that risk by a factor of 10.
    And we know this virus wasn't something to worry about for the wast majority in early March 2020. That's when the proper data from Northern Italy came out showing 96% had serious underlying deseases and average age was 80+.
    In addition we also had that perfect experiment called Diamond Princess. 2500 ppl over 50 and 1200 staff crammed into a tin can where the virus spread like wildfire. IFR came out at about 2x flu. So then the west collectively threw out their pandemic plans, decades in the making, and proceeded with crap WHO 2019 guidelines said would not work or do more harm than good.
    Then UK and NY put CV positive elderly back into nursing homes on purpose by policy.. Transferred trillions to the Bankster Oligarchy and locked up the population, cratering the economy for regular people.

    They care about truth and minimizing harm about as much as they do about the 100 dead kids a day in Yemen..

  5. Kim is "left" and keeping it real. attacked by the anti-medicine anti-doctor globalist fake left. The attacks on doctors and medicine is unprecedented. The experiment has KILLED 45,000+ Americans. More than FROM COVID. You cant die from cytokine storms they had medicines and vitamins for that the entire time

  6. Now an anti-vaxxer channel, that sucks. Just fyi to the anti-vaxxers out there, people in the Global South are begging for the vaccine. That's where the majority of the new variants are coming from, and most countries have under 10% vaccinated. The vaccine works.

  7. The East -West angle is very interesting.

    Consider: the safest vaccine tech in history is the "inactive whole virus" vaccines (100yrs use)

    But not one western country has one available.
    Only China, India, Turkey and Kazakhstan has them.

  8. I have never ever heard any statements from neither the UK nor Swedish (I’m a Swede living in the UK) governments or media stating that the vaccines will protect you 100% from contracting the COVID-19 virus. Astra Zeneca stated that two does would protect you about 67%. Think Pfizer-Biontech was higher. However, and this is crucial, both vaccines are proven both through clinical studies and real life studies (we’ve been vaccinating for a long time now) gives you an almost 100% protection against hospitalisation and/or death. And that’s what’s so important to remember. Anders Tegnell and Folkhälsomyndigheten (Sweden’s CDC) have studied patients in Swedish ICU and they have stated that the vast majority of patients there are NOT vaccinated. Same goes for Swedish patients who die from Covid-19. It’s grossly irresponsible to talk about the vaccines if you fail to mention that it’s proven that they’ll save people’s lives. This as you make it seem like the vaccines are pointless as people can still get infected after a double dose. Please investigate this further and do an edit to this video.

  9. Would have much rather you asked Kim Iversen about her stance on Israel/Palestine and why she seems to side with Zionism after having agreed with mostly every insane lie and BS being spewed from a guest(Zionist) that she interviewed on her show a couple months ago…

  10. The biggest misconception is that they’re actually vaccines. They’re not. They don’t stop you from getting or spreading the virus. They don’t even lessen the symptoms-they MIGHT but it’s not even a given that it helps in any way shape or form that a traditional vaccine is supposed to.

  11. Where is the information showing that these shots are protecting people from symptoms? I know the rhetoric has changed and they've retreated from the talking point of giving immunity to this symptoms argument but it's just another false claim from what I've seen.

  12. she doesnt even understand how vaccines works, she thinks being vaccinated means u cant get covid. if u come into contact with covid, u will get covid, the difference is that the vaccinated will have a much better chance of reduced symptoms thus not dying from it.

  13. My take from this segment is that vaccines don’t work very well and the available data proves it. And that alternatives are under explored.
    It’s good that we have well informed people out there that challenge the government/pharmaceutical narrative.
    Kidding. But it does explain the vaccine hesitancy.

  14. Wonderful, two of the most notorious Anti-Vaxx Disinformation Profiteers…! You two are planing to ride the anti-vaxx gravy train to the bitter end at the expense of your viewers…? Well, after all everyone has a price.

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