Kim Iversen on leaving The Hill, defying corporate media censorship

Kim Iversen joins The Grayzone to discuss her departure from The Hill’s Rising and how she managed to disrupt establishment narratives on war and the pandemic on a corporate network. Aaron Mate will also join to discuss the Ukraine lobby’s meltdown over critical reporting and the killing of AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Written by The Grayzone

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  2. She just lied when she said Newsom was recalled. The recall vote failed miserably Newsom is mediocre but he's only unpopular enough to recall in Republican areas which is only 30 percent of the state. That recall WASTED millions of our tax payer dollars.

  3. I admire and respect Kim for her integrity and courage. Based on what Kim said when she first joined Rising, I think she knew it would not be a long-term gig, but it was a great "learning experience" for her in broadcasting and how things operate on that level, and she can take that with her!
    The Hill is obviously the loser, who prefers to employ stooges like Ryan Grim and the rest. I stopped watching Rising years ago, and Kim was the only good reason to check in periodically based on her individual segments. Can't wait for the Rising to sink now. Kim kept them afloat for a time.

  4. It's the same clichée doomsday cultism psychology over and over: We prayed to our God, so whatever happens, we know that if we hadn't appeased our God, it would have been worse.
    Warmism and vaccism. And the Covid panicdem feels so very similar to the HIV/AIDS scare, if you are well-informed about that one. Fauci was the same crook back then, too. Closely related medical cons.
    Remember warmism cornerstone statements:
    1) We have to make exaggerated, apocalyptic statements to finally wake people up.
    2) Even if it turns out not true what we say, it is still safer to impose measures than not to do it.
    See all the parallels between the different scams?

  5. It was very discouraging it hear Max say that he still believes the government/media 9/11 conspiracy myth. There's a mountain of hard evidence proving it to be an impossible intelligence insulting pack of lies and contradictions. One of the most compelling examples of evidence, is the controlled demolition of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7. Free fall acceleration is a simple concept. It can only take place when there is no measurable resistance to the fall, and thousands of tons of cold undamaged steel columns produce a lot of resistance especially in vertical compression. The symmetric free fall of a hurricane hurricane and fire resistant steel framed high-rise can't be caused by gradual random heating. And make no mistake, this building is in symmetric free fall, which is proof that all the steel perimeter columns lost all their strength instantly totally and simultaneously. Instant total and simultaneous is pretty much the opposite of gradual, partial and random. The symmetric freefall alone is proof of control demolition but on top of that we have molten and vaporized steel, extreme high temperature nearly in extinguishable underground fires, and the presence of high-tech military grade incendiary material in steel and dust samples. There is absolutely no question that those three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and of course that also demolishes the government's entire 9/11 conspiracy myth.
    And true believers in the government's impossible conspiracy myth should also ask themselves who had the means, motive, and benefited. It certainly wasn't the Afghan caveman..

  6. To defend Alex Jones "Freedom of speech" is a joke … if your freedom harms someone else, it has nothing to do with freedom, but harming people … period …

  7. Great interview. The most shocking thing I heard is that Max doesn't believe 9/11 was a controlled demolition. Over three thousand professional architects and engineers who studied physics and static structure properties publicly signed to confirm their opinion that it was a controlled demolition. Not nutcases. Not conspiracy theorists. Max uses the derogatory term 'Truthers'. At this point, IMO the idiots are the people who think it wasn't a controlled demolition.

  8. I agree with everything discussed until Alex Jones. There should be a limit on calling the families of murder victims liars and paid actors in a fake drama. That is not freedom of speech or an honest attempt to explain something that has not been properly explained like the Kennedy killing or 9-11. It is injurious and an invitation to violence on the part of gullible listeners. It is the same as targeting Jews or innocent Muslims or black people based on abject lies. As to Jones telling an important truth; when was that? He went way too far and I have zero sympathy if he loses everything he owns.

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