Kim Iversen: OSHA SUSPENDS Biden’s Mandate, SCATHING Court Opinion Calls It “STAGGERINGLY Overbroad”

Kim Iversen gives her take on OSHA’s suspension of their enforcement of President Biden’s vaccine mandate.

President Joe Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe.

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  1. Back to 1981 I had a vaccine with huge evil side effects for 18 years . ConventionalMedicine lied to me and started home remedy for a cure in 3 weeks.. My greatest enemy was BigPharmas's legal toxic ingredients approved by dangerous F.D.A.

  2. I say strongly vividly no to legal toxic vaccine.
    Does the vaccine have those 8-years time-frame practical lab experiments that always F.D.A. requires it before vaccine goes to be put ready in the market?
    It doesn't have even two(2) years. So how can the vaccine become mandated?
    Something is up!
    It strikes the eye !

  3. This commercialized Christmas is defiantly cancelled this year. Food, toiletries, and gas has gone up so high, i can't even pay my utility bill's anymore. So i most defiantly don't even care or can't even afford to go shopping for gifts. I defiantly can't even think about a restaurant or going to a theater, no way.

  4. Being a federal worker…I've lost my job and it has ruined my life.
    This is another horrible moment in history.
    I'm definitely going to push that old man out of office, I can't wait until the next election.

  5. The Damage is already done because our job market is led by the same narcissistic people that run our nation. Perhaps the government should mandate the people who quit their jobs over it should be given them back.

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