Kim Iversen: People SICKER After Lockdowns. Was The Great Barrington Declaration RIGHT?

Kim Iversen details what she calls “the biggest peacetime policy failure” of our lifetime.

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  1. Ryan's assessment is way off. Mortality rates last year were lower and this during the height of the initial pandemic. And how many of those casualties are elderly and infirm people with other comorbidities? If you're at risk, by all means use discretion. But, the fact remains that a year after lockdown policies and vaccine mandates the numbers are even worse.

  2. Kim is doing REAL journalism, which i rare these days. She should make longer programs more detailed going through the facts, talking to the scientists who made the studies and so on. This is almost a waste of her talent.

  3. Kim is a true journalist. Her logic and common sense ring true in the hearts of many of us and carries a certain balance on the topics she discusses. The majority of others are propagandists who are constantly force feeding their agenda and controlling narrative.

  4. Kim Iversen is fomenting vaccine hesitancy in order to attract to her channel her share of the scientifically illiterate and conspiracy theorists. Her Youtube Channel has been transformed into an Anti-Vaxx Disinformation Profiteering operation with skyrocketing view counts that translates into handsome profits. By no means Iversen is the only one engaging in this 'profits for lives' scheme but as all the rest, it takes no more time than to read her source to realize that her narrative is not what the source conveys. Please talk to your doctor if you have one or seek information from experts and not from members of the anti-vaccine disinformation profiteers.

  5. We have an entire group of kids (aged 0-5) who have not yet learned to socialize with peers their own age. These are kids who will be entering pre-k kindergarten programs and have never interacted with people outside of their families.

  6. Actually what is going on is bidens own vaccine mandates upon business owners to force their employees to take the vaccine or fire them is unconstitutional! A federal court has handed that down the court said it was inhumane and unconstitutional to force a mandate upon businesses to force their employees to take vaccines or dismiss them business owners will be held civilly and legally liable for the violation of people's rights Biden's biggest mistake ever

  7. I think the point of this was that the lockdowns didn’t work…maybe it “slowed the spread,” but it didn’t stop anything. You could argue that if the original strain was allowed go through the population more quickly, you would have a higher rate of natural immunity in the younger population, and then less spread with the emergence of a variant- ie delta. It’s important to note that these three scientists outlined in this report, the importance of protecting the vulnerable populations- namely the elderly and immunocompromised. Lockdowns or not, we probably would have the same number of deaths. What we wouldn’t have are the staggering number of deaths that are occurring as a result of these pointless measures.

  8. I don't agree! Just because they said the 700,000 deaths were Covid related… doesn't mean truth. As has been stated, the majority of the deaths resulted from unhealthy, older people with co-morbidities, and lies from FB and other propaganda outlets. Yes, the virus can be deadly, but for healthy individuals, the risk of death is less than 2%…doctors who specialize in virology stated this…hence, more than a million signatures against lockdowns.

  9. Adore you Kim!!!! Thank you for being a smart and courageous reporter!!!! The corruption we are seeing or should see is so thick. Please interview some of the Doctor's speaking out about how they are being blocked from using safe meds. These people running the show are Psychopaths. The people worldwide need to stand up to this tyranny!!!!!

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