Kim Iversen: Pfizer Vax Docs Released By COURT ORDER, Data Will Tell The STORY About Side Effects

Kim Iversen breaks down the side effect data on Pfizer’s covid vaccine.

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  1. AND SB 866 (summary) – This bill would permit California children age 12 and older to consent legally to receive any vaccine, including the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, without a parent’s consent or knowledge.

  2. Some people will try to downplay the validity of these side effects and whether they are vaccine related, saying more research is needed, then blithely report that it’s obvious the vaccines saved lives in the older age groups. You can’t have it both ways: if you need to ‘prove’ the vaccine caused adverse events, surely you need to ‘prove’ it saved lives.

  3. Normally I love your reporting and I don't know when it's perfect but it really is amazing to me even on the conservative side no the conservative side how people are smart enough to report discrepancies and problems and then turn right around and say well we know this was a good thing you don't know that by your very own words you don't know how many more people had side effects or future side effects yet so how was something unknown like that when you know that so much cheating and fraud was done it's a good thing it harmed so many people how I know you know that I've remacked and has been studied in many different places and it has been extremely successful heads should roll for making people next to convicts for suggesting that there was a lot of things that were so wrong and why we need to know why this happened

  4. Firefighters, Cops.,Doctors. Nurses were just a small number of forced vaccinations. I really hope that all goes well long term with us all that took it, I mean I only took the first dose. And following day and day after. Felt heart palpitations, a feeling of impending Doom, delirium and shortness of breath. Even the doctors told me don't take the second. ones enough for you. , God bless their honesty, but all in all afterward I must admit I felt re assured 12 days later after the body went to making the spike protein, even after only one shot, I just hope in a year or two I'll still be ok. And it didn't do any unknown damage being an experimental substance. .God bless everyone and hope all goes well for the peaple

  5. Everyone knows that they are not vaxxines. They are just the best way to make you be part of the new digital ID. Am sorry for you Kim that you took these gene therapy. Hope GOD will save the one who desreve to be saved.

  6. I don’t feel the same after being vaccinated.
    I don’t care what anyone says, I know how I feel.
    I have always been very health conscious and now I just feel violated from this experimental vaccine.

  7. If they lied about this, what about childhood vaccinations? You have to get away with other criminal activities to become emboldened to think you could fool the world. Thought exercise, "Hardly anyone questions childhood vaccinations, we can get away with this. Childhood vaccinations have been causing Autoimmune disorders, diabetes, even autism and we have gotten away with this for over 50 years. They'll never wake up or figure it out lets go for it. Covid vaccine approved. "

  8. Many people who have had side effects did not report their side effects. So the figures are a lot higher including deaths. They were not allowed to do autopsies, whether from the vaccines or even "covid". WHY is the big question. (Note : Germany and Italy did autopsies and reported they died from serious illnesses and not from " covid". The lies are never ending. Professional Doctors who put their careers on the lo get the truth out were shut down and silenced or their videos banned. WHY? Too many to be a conspiracy that its no longer a conspiracy. If they had nothing to hide, WHY the lack of TRANSPARENCY.

  9. Did the vaccine really reduce symptoms?……Or was it that the Virus was getting weaker with each Variant…. Because it didn't do what they said it would do…. stop transition….stop spread… does it really reduce symptoms?…that you shouldn't say is a fact…

  10. Nobody will care I will be the one saying this was a hoax and I told you so I will never be a vaxed sheep even though I have been attacked for years now for not vaxing and not masking

  11. There is FOR SURE more reports of vaccinal injuries since many many doctors didn't record them because of "legal issues". We see stories not reported all over the comments or even videos around. Ohh wait! I would guess that also the cases in investigations are also not reported yet. You can be sure there is something evil under when the truth is being held like that! You can even feel the pain when they try to say the vaccine saved lives. You can always try to fool people but the truth is, the truth always emerge!

  12. What a bunch of idiots, the adverse effects and side effects are massively underreported, since the shunning of reporting them as well as voluntary reporting, what a crock. Every non shill of pharma doctor is reporting tons of bad effects for way higher ratios then they try to explain here. The numbers reported taking it are much lower then official counts just like the co-morbidity bs attributed to the CV which the CDC plainly spells out in their own documentation and paying doctors tens of thousands for each CV diagnosis.

  13. If pandemic risk management by USA has been correct and is good science,
    then why is the per capita pandemic mortality for India so much lower, to be
    precise, 8 times lower pandemic mortality for India compared to USA? That
    is certainly no trivial difference in covid mortality and should be explained.

  14. There is actually no PROOF of efficacy that the Vax prevented hospitalization or death. It is an assumption of efficacy based on a study group that was not the targeted group that needed it. The target trial group should have been elderly and vulnerable with comorbidities that were at risk for hospitalization and death but the trials were run on fairly healthy and younger (less vulnerable) age groups. That alone, should set off alarm bells when Pfizer selectively chose the trial participants based on those “least” likely to be hospitalized or die from Covid. If you bias the participants, of course you can get great “efficacy” results….. the participants were already less at risk of fatal outcomes. This also validates the side effects as the selected participants were less likely to aquifer the list of side effects at their ages and health status at time of trials. I think, my own opinion of course, that a pharmaceutical company should not be allowed to shape, select participants and run trials they have formulated for bias on any drug that will be force administered to an entire world population. They are in the market to make money, which inherently will skew how the trials are run, designed and lend to a “chosen” result preference.

  15. first they said it was almost a 100% effective at stopping the virus(game over), then it wasn't but it definitely still prevented transmission, then when it was obviously transmitted it was only in a lower viral load so the vaccinated didn't get as sick? (reasoning behind mandates?). Now the story goes the vaccine is the only thing that can reduce hospitalization and death. I suppose you got to hold on to something with grim death as to what these vaccines can actually do. I still struggle to see how a specialized vaccine for a virus variant from 2 years ago can be fit for purpose now after so many mutations to its original structure? Even the Flu vaccine for a virus which is from the same coronavirus family as covid has to be changed each year due to its mutations. I know people who have had covid then gone out and got boostered straight away? why is that?

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