Kim Iversen: Power-Grabbing WHO Pandemic Treaty HALTED by 47 African Countries, Brazil, China

Kim Iversen discusses the countries who are opposing the WHO International Health Regulations Amendments.

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  1. Fantastic news for a change. Next, lets hear WEF and big bourgeoisie bureaucrat bankers fail to bully the conscious public into control. It won't happen, we won't let it happen. WHO can modify, rework their tyrannical ideas but won't change the fact they are headed by a Communist, terrorist.

  2. Who owns “The WHO”? Bill Gates. Who has largest shareholding in the major pharmaceuticals producing vaccines? Bill Gates. By stopping the treaty your “shorting” Bill Gates and the scare mongering organisation he “funds” (or more accurately owns, because of his power to direct them) namely the WHO. Every time a pandemic alert is triggered the untested vaccine becomes an “inelastic good” with 7 billion potential consumers because what more of an emotional “sales” trigger than “avoiding death” would you need to get people to cough up money to stay alive? It supersedes everything. Governments that represent these consumers pay for it by using the tax payers money. The last thing Bill Gates is, is altruistic. You are currently the consumer but will become the product with your medical data being sold to pharmaceutical companies to sell you more of what you don’t necessarily need. Eventually “drug dependency” kicks in and you become the “forever patient” or more accurately put the “addict”. It is a way to usurp the drug cartels and take over the potential market by corporations who “cloak” it in “it’s good for you, and we are doing it to help you”. They create a dependency that is not present and you become dependent on them whilst all the time they conceal their dependency on you to buy their product. “Just say no to drugs!” Stop the manufactured addiction and stop the transfer of wealth.

  3. The WHO is a globalist inept controlling and incompetent cabal of paid and bought bureaucrats ! It is nothing to do with health, and everything to do with big pharma making huge amounts of money and the authoritarian control of the ordinary people !

  4. We all saw Trump, everyone else in the WH & millions get covid before the vax & then recover w/ therapeutics. We also witnessed hospitals deny their use as they watched over 1 million patients die. To me, the gov response was a mass Genocide, it should be avoided & those involved should suffer consequences.

  5. The problem is theses western countries are ran by elitists/globalists who believe in exploiting every situation for power, profit and control. They may very well be wanting to target China but they also want to use it to impose draconian measures worse than what we saw with covid. They could build camps for people who refuse their vaccines in future. This is a very dangerous path and shows very clearly that western countries are very authoritarian leaning. The notion that we are the good guys is quite frankly a lie. Western nations are a threat to human civilization, period. China is no hero either, we're living in strange times.

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