Kim Iversen: Power, Money & FRAUD. How The Elizabeth Holmes Theranos Saga Exposed Big Medicine Greed

Kim Iversen details how the Theranos Elizabeth Holmes case exposed medical greed within the medical industrial complex.

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  1. The two guys are irritating and programmed. Kim is the only one worth watching. She should ABSOLUTELY go to prison. Why wouldn't anyone refrain from stealing large sums of money otherwise.

  2. She doesn’t deserve that long in prison? If she isn’t sentenced to a significant prison term it will embolden others like her to commit massive fraud since there are zero repercussions.

  3. I think it’s likely the judge will send Holmes to the minimum security federal prison at Dublin, CA. There is no perimeter fence, no barbed wire, no cells. Large rooms are divided into cubicles with 2 inmates per cubicle. The inmates are free to walk anywhere in the room. All buildings are air conditioned. There are various types of indoor & outdoor activities for recreation & learning.

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