Kim Iversen: Sanctions DON’T WORK. But Worse, They Cause Global DeDollarization

Kim Iversen criticizes the sanctions the United States has imposed on countries around the world.

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  1. I've been watching Kim for long time and I found her to be honest, very compassionate and brave young lady who has the courage to speak openly (as much as the system allows) about issues that are rarely or never discussed in MSM. Her videos are covering broad range of subjects, they are very informative and her message is always delivered in nice, informal manner, often decorated with her charming smile. I'd just wish she would invite to her programs people who have actually something to say, rather than just showing their faces in the side windows.

  2. I love these guys. All the time. All of them. Their arguments and debates are always interesting and often compelling. But really Kim, the clothes you wear, to the extent I can see anything from the neck slightly down, are awful. Sorry to be so shallow on this front. But the intellectual part of the show (99.9999%) is the best!

  3. A big Thank You to Rising for giving Kim a platform and having the opportunity to express these views on flawed sanctions on Russia and the consequences for them. Also, thank you for having Batya on Mondays. I just bought her book "Bad Media" on from the Kindle Store an am glad she narrated it herself. Kim is a great gift and thank you for recognizing that!

  4. Are you sure sanctions don't work? It looks like China's sanctions on us is working. You can believe our economy and shortages are the result of China's lock down if you want. I don't know that I actually believe China is imposing sanctions on us. Instead, I am trying to set up a scenario that disproves your blanket statement that sanctions don't work. We have experienced first hand what happens when an economic superpower abruptly quits delivering products and services to an inferior nation. Take notice how quick the public here started to get restless. The shortages we deal with now can not remotely be compared to other nations whom we have been sanctioning for many years or even decades. Think of our current shortages as a dry run. What would happen if China did put sanctions on us? Sanctions do work and they effect the people who don't have the ability to share their story to the world the hardest.

  5. Kim you make perfect sense. America has been bullying the rest of the world since we unleashed the atomic bombs on Japan. Not that that action was wrong necessarily, but the aftermath of it has been wrong. It is really a shame because there are so many good people here in this country. Whatever happened to our government looking out for our own people? I really think even though there were trends, that it was the assassination of JFK that transformed America into the country we have now where the government for the most part does not do what is in the best interest of its own people. Ultimately the rich who profit off of the misery of the poor and middle classes will face divine judgment.

  6. The problem is US politicians think they are the world. I'm in Asia now and you know what. Since I've got here, I haven't heard anything about sanctions or the Ukraine war. Time the West wised up. 2/3rd of the world don't care about the West's sanctions or for that matter, the West's problems. Funny how here, petrol is half the cost back home. Maybe I need to stay in the warmth as heating oil was already over £1100 to fill the tank up. Last year it was £250.

  7. this was all manufactured by biden back in the obama administration when he and hunter got their hooks into Ukraine and installed their snotzi stooge zeklinski , all with the backing of the pentagon and arms industry who figgured they were going to roll right over putin , who let them play it out upto the point that they actually thought they were goin to put nato nukes right on his doorstep

  8. US politicians are showing their true value. They aren't worth 😕 spit. It's time for the US politicians to be protested and voted out strickly off foreign policy. They have no clue what damage they are causing amongst common folk. The US politicians are a threat to US citizens.

  9. The fact is US comes up with bogus charges against those countries to inflict those sanctions when the actual reason is those nations want to be independent and would not not follow orders from the US.

  10. The key to it is if 99.99 % common sense Americans are willing to stand up to 0.1% radical wokies who're dictating policies of sanctions. The 0.1% moral police doesn't spare one of their own when it comes to their propaganda. Recently, they didn't spare fareed Zakaria who by the way checks all demographic boxes that radical wokies like. Yet, as soon as he said something that wasn't politically correct, they hammered him.

  11. Outstanding piece. The important lesson is how World leaders do business once Beijing Biden and Team liberal leave office. Do believe world leaders see America as a great place but understand the elitism that is happening inside Washington's capitol and that's why they refuse to do business with our current president.

  12. Sanctions work if the target is isolated and you or your allies are not vulnerable to exploitation of trade from the target. They take a long time. Russia is a lousy target as countries like India and China are not on board. In addition the EU is reliant on Russian oil.

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