Kim Iversen: SHAKEDOWN of Americans! Biden To Hire 80K MORE IRS Agents To Find Money For BBB

Kim Iversen explains an underreported provision of the Build Back Better budget package.

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  1. Kim is spot on about this as usual. The richest people can and always will have the ability to navigate around tax laws, as they have teams of lawyers, and tax accountants that can maneuver around whatever changes are thrown at them. Just look over time from 1970 to today. We have had many different presidents and tax law changes over the last 50 years, and the wealthiest 1% riches have consistently seen their riches go up with a clear linear line, while the middle class has lost their share of wealth / buying power over that same timeframe. We will be the ones that end up paying more / losing more, just as we always have.

  2. I heard 87,000 new gov. employees at IRS. If you believe that they are going to collect more in revenue than they are going to cost us in pay and benefits. Well then you have been smoking the same thing that Camala smokes. And it aint tobacco.

  3. Just bc the middle or poor classes might be hiding some money from the government doesn`t bother me! It`s the billionaires that are fleecing Americans and don`t pay taxes legally or illegally with the help of the government! What`s wrong with these fools who question the poor and middle class who get fleeced from their government and maybe protect some of their money they worked hard for! How can any American blame people who protect their money from this corrupt government and make such low IQ statements , IF YOU PAY YOUR TAXES WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT, DON`T WE PAY TAXES ON EVERY LITTLE MOVE WE MAKE AND ISN`T THAT ENOUGH, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE AND VERY VERY LOW IQ!

  4. This is a total and all-out attack on American people they've already come after our children and have destroyed our lifestyles with inflation so the rich could get richer they're coming after your property and Investments I guess Biden was right remember what he said on the campaign Trail you will own nothing and be happy

  5. "If you've been paying your taxes you have nothing to worry about." I worked for a business that was closed by the IRS because they basically made it one of the proprietors' full-time job to cater to their reporting desires. They kept such meticulous records that they found some error that was several years old in the process and they seized the company's bank account. There are innocent people, and they make mistakes. If you don't think so, ask your favorite search engine how many mistakes the IRS, themselves, make.

  6. If America is so rich then why do we owe so much? There's a reason why wealth is measured in "net worth".

    We need to stop pretending we're still rich and start cutting out cloth accordingly before it's too late.

    Debt has been the downfall of many once great countries. Government waste is out of control…

  7. This is a great attack on the hardworking people that make up the middle class. Their objective is to create a bold line between those dependent on government to survive, and the elites… so middle class are being taken out one by one!

  8. They won’t go after well lawyered and represented rich folk. They will go after low hanging fruit like EITC people who don’t have time resources or money to fight an audit. That’s what they always do to look good to their bosses.

  9. What's the cost of hiring 80k irs agents alone. Now you have all these people on government payroll where every agent is making no less than a 6 figure salary. This is insane.

  10. Taxes and regulations are local. Capital is global. The Panama papers and other leaks have given us some insight to this. Countries needs to cooperate better to close the loop holes. Maybe a coalition of UN countries could set up a trade embargo, boycotting exports? A lot of tax haven rely on imports for survival. Could it be used against them?

  11. Not matter how it turns out, hiring more auditors to glean untaxed dollars isn't going to stop the flow of Chinese cash into Joe and Hunter's joint checking account.

  12. Do I trust the IRS? Ummm NO! I’d like to see “AMERICAS” BUDGET AUDITED! They overspend on B.S. bills, on a daily basis! Most Americans have no idea, how THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY, is being spent!

  13. Bet they won't go after AOC's "Tax the Rich" dressmaker who has reportedly failed to pay federal and state tax withholdings on her employees. Additionally, EITC is full of massive fraud. But both are protected by Democrat bureaucrats.

  14. The guy with the glasses is WAY OFF with his assumption. Everyone knows that if you sell cheap, but sell ALOT of that something, you can drown competition. Look at Walmart. If the "elite" (I prefer garbage) is only 1 percent , then it's common sense to realize that the honey is in the other 99 percent.
    Kim is exactly right. They want to create a debtors prison. Biden and Kamala both LOVE to incarcerate people. Just look at thier records. This won't apply to you if you are here illegally tho.
    They'll be going after people who contract thier skills to companies, even people who make money playing games on twitch. They're also looking to take down YouTube channels by means of audit. This gets some cash and stifles speech at the same time. This is what they're really about.

  15. Let's get this strait in our minds, we do not live in a democracy, but rather an Authoritarian Oligarchy where the Oligarthy is protected and enriched by politicians, politicians that suppress us through their ability to legislate authoritarianism over us. That is why we must come together as a United Civil Government that votes in our best interest, instead of based on the ideologies that divide us for the purposes of our own slavery to an Athoritarian Oligarchy of the weathy and corporate money.

    It's been said that the person who takes no interest in civic responsibility is not only lazy, but useless to society as a whole. I for one am placing my feet firmly on the ground, and I'm standing up for us all. That's my ideology, and I hope it's yours. For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would vote for anyone outside my monetary class, or one who advocates for those who are.

  16. wouldn't this be the time to say enough? Make tax 15 or 20% across the board? I'm not a tax person yet it makes sense to do away with all deductions and have a flat tax. Would definitely get their fair share from the wealthy then.

  17. I can't trust a president that threatened to shoot me and my children if we protest. That was sick to hear him say, he has no problem shooting our fellow Americans. I'm in a dilemma, due to the violent protesters. Due we defend ourselves and defect against the president and vice president? They threatened to shoot us.

  18. Addressing the analogy: "Why do you rob banks? Because that's where the money is"
    The word this statement is missing is "easy."

    The reason people do that is because they believe they can get rich quick with a relatively small investment. That is exactly what Kim is outlying. It's not about "where the money is" it's about "where the easy money is." It's easy to exploit and harass people who can't defend themselves – which is why virtually all of these boils down to a class issue. Regardless of the motivation in any given incident, the success of the attack comes from the in ability to adequately defend against – which almost every time races back to class (even race issues have a more foundations component – their class).

  19. On the bright side, MAYBE these extra IRS agents can actually give my sister her 2019 refund of thousands of dollars after spending nearly two years saying, “sorry COVID has us backed up.”

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